Two days Vacation in the Cavite Province! "A very limited time and days"

Two days Vacation in the Cavite Province! "A very limited time and days"

By kennyroy | kennyroy | 2 Jul 2019

To be with my family and friends in Cavite is too hard. The time and days are limited and not enough. Travel going to Cavite from Batangas will take-time of 2 hours including traffic on the road.


Three days before travel going to Cavite, my plan is already settled because I know the limit of my time and days. To maximize my 2 days in Cavite, the first thing I visited was my school and my teachers when I arrived at Tanza Cavite.


These are my teachers in Physics, Math, and Social Study. The small lady in the front was my teacher in Social Study and stood up as my second parents. We are very close to each other with her husband. Her husband Mr. Austria was a Math teacher. At my left side is my teacher in Physics (Science). She is the classmate of my aunts since High School. The last with eyeglass was my Math teacher when I was in 3rd-year level. She was inclement before, but now a quiet and gentle in teaching.


The big tree behind was a millennial mango tree of the Tanza National Trade School (TNTS). I have not been born yet as well as my uncle and aunt, this tree is already there. My age now is 35 and I was born on May 12, 1984. My aunt Juliette Divina Serrano was born on June 4, 1968, that year the millennial mango tree was already there. Estimated that this tree was more than 100 years old and it produces fruits until now. If you want to try to measure the width of this tree, you need a 5 open arm of a people to know the diameters.


At my Home


A small tree with a big Philippine Grapefruit. This tree has many fruits and it was sweet. I have 3 kinds of Grapefruit tree; the White, Red, and Pink.



This is my banana plants and there are 6 kinds of banana. The Lakatan, Latundan, Saba, Señorita, Cavendish, and Lagkitan.



Behind me was the carabao mango tree and it was older than me. When the mango is green, it's sour. When it's yellow, it's really sweet and the taste was different to all mango in the world! That is why they call it the Golden Mango. When it's imported, the price is expensive because of its contrast to all kinds of mango.


My mother's Home in Imus Cavite, Philippines

These are my brother and my sister to my mother side. I have two brothers and one sister but my youngest brother did not reach on time to see me before I left.


We're close to each other unlike to my sister at my father sides. Do you see my brother on my left side? He is married with two kids. My sister, she was graduating this year with a course of criminology in God's help.


This is our mother and we have the same eyes and face. This is our mother and we have the same eyes and face. She's working in Government, in NBI. I like her job! Action like in the movie and every week they have raid! Illegal drugs or illegal gambling.

And this is my short story...

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