Small Bitcoin Portfolio "Self-taught Survivor Mode" #ShowYourPortfolio

Greetings to this wonderful community. I share my participation in the Publish0x Competition of #ShowYourPortfolio. I am not an expert in the field but thanks to the world of Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, I fight the crisis that is happening in my country Venezuela and all citizens.

Most have chosen to go to other countries walking to seek a future but from so much rambling on the Internet and study certain projects of this wonderful industry, I think there is still an opportunity to continue living here, working and earning in Cryptocurrencies.

I am a partly HODLER and Bitcoin Trader in the short term, because of the volatility and daily need to survive literally.

Personally, I am in charge of working on any project that can bring publicity and obtain Tokens in exchange for that work. Especially in the so-called Airdrops. I have worked in infinities of projects, 50% of them do not come to anything, others have to have a little patience so that it can have some positive consensus price, that way, it can be marketable to change to Bitcoin.

I also greatly appreciate a friend from Croatia I met in a cryptocurrency community on Telegram where we reached a work agreement on a website called Crypto Insiders. There I became part of Crypto Insiders Venezuela. Administer, Translate and Redact. We work to spread information and education in Blockchain technology. How it can affect who gets involved and all the benefits it can have for humans, wherever they are.

Currently I was awake, hoping that the Bitcoin would shoot a little to change at least 30% to Dollars and then sell that to a buyer inside of the country for my native currency Bolívares Soberanos of what I own and the rest leave it in Bitcoin in case I get to shoot a little more, leave it for my savings.

Here I show you an image of my wallet in Uphold where I am keeping my payments, savings and changes due to the volatility of Bitcoin.



Why I choose Bitcoin?


For the interesting consensus price, for the volatility, for the opportunity to enter and leave when it pleases, for freedom, anonymity and also for the power to send and receive BTC from anywhere in the world. To all that conglomerate, I call it a blessing. I believe that Bitcoin has been that in my life, a blessing. It has undoubtedly turned 360 into my life, to fight the crisis we are suffering and much more now that I am working on an education project related to the Blockchain industry. I love what I do.

Since the arrival of Bitcoin, I recognize that there are other interesting projects to study and to take into account but for the moment, Bitcoin is my bank and my most valuable currency method.

Open your eyes and simplify.

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Ken Smith
Ken Smith

Autodidact + Blockchain.

Blog of a Venezuelan Enthusiast
Blog of a Venezuelan Enthusiast

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