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Hey folks, I hope you guys are all doing well. Today I wanted to talk to you about the Brave Browser along with its Cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token which also goes on the detector name BAT. I believe the Brave Browser in conjunction with the BAT Crypto Tokens is uniquely positioned to disrupt some of the top browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari I will discuss what makes this crypto so special and how it could lead to a great investment opportunity so I hope you stick around as I've done covered a great deal of what makes brain so revolutionary and I would love to share it with you all.

So if you've been paying attention over the past few years it is evident that there is an increasingly growing number of users who are starting to become more aware and concerned about their privacy of their online data. Large gatekeepers of the Internet such as Google Chrome, Facebook, Twitter and so on have been tracking our activities collecting our data and in return selling that data to ad companies for a profit this has obviously caused quite the stir as of late companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter have access to a lot of our private data including conversations, personal pictures, behavior patterns, search history and more they are all using our data to sell towards advertisement agencies for a huge profit and in a lot of cases even without our consent.


This giant industry it's projected that the online advertisement market will be worth two hundred and twenty billion dollars this year alone so you can imagine these gatekeepers such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and so forth are only becoming more powerful and centralized, by the day. Remember when Google used to go by the motto "Don't be evil" well has since removed that from its code of conduct which really makes you wonder where all this is going to end up with we continue on this path due to the overwhelming growing power of these center platforms we are seeing more and more on ethical behaviors from them such as unjust censorships the YouTube ad pocalypse and increasingly more and more privacy and security breaches of our data.

One case that might still be fresh in our memory is the scandal involving, Facebook and Cambridge analytical and the breach of their user data or how about the Coinbase acquisition of neutrino who is the founder of an infamous surveillance inspirer development team.



Spam plagues all of our inboxes the amount you get depends on who has your information and it looks like the problem is about to get a whole lot worse major companies like Microsoft and Yahoo are playing The Price is Right with your personal information actually auctioning it off to the highest bidder. Yahoo has agreed to a 50 million dollar settlement after a massive data breach the payouts would go to some 200 million affected users whose private information including phone numbers dates of birth and security questions and answers was stolen. Internally Google decided not to put that out there that's something that they've admitted that they found in March 2018 decided at the time that they didn't feel it was necessary to tell the public.

These breaches of our data is happening more and more often as big data is set to be the new oil of the 21st century so as a result this is creating a larger distrust between users such as me and you against these big companies we are seeing more push backs with online movements such as #DeleteFacebook and #DeleteCoinbase the rise of online VPN usage especially amongst the younger generations and year by year the number of a bloggers installed on mobile and desktops are also going up as a result of a blog extensions going up it makes it even harder for smaller sized to mid-size publishers slash content creators to make money online therefore we've essentially created a feedback loop whereby clickbait titles is hugely rewarded instead of thoughtful content because this model that exists now only cares about click-through impressions as opposed to quality engagement so since data is the new oil of the 21st century, we have to ask ourselves why should all these gatekeepers such as Google, YouTube and Facebook continuously profit of our data while steadily becoming more and more centralized and powerful which is also leading to more unethical actions and censorships from them. 

This is where the Brave Browser and BAT Cryptocurrency Tokens come into the picture the brilliant idea behind the Brave Browser is to totally disrupt the current power structure whereby instead of big companies making all the profit themselves from selling our data they want to shift that power balance back to the users and to content creators to give you a bit of a background.


Brave Browser is created by somewhat of an Internet Legend himself his name is Brendan Eich most notably known for creating JavaScript one of the most widely used programming language today, he's also one of the guys that helped pioneer the early internet with the popular Netscape Browser and is also the Co-Founder of one of the most popular browsers still today Mozilla Firefox so Brendan Eich men with such extensive experience in this field saw a huge opportunity to solve a problem that was ripe for disruption and quite frankly he is the perfect man for the job if you ask me.

So Brave wants to bring back privacy and personal data back to its user and also create an ecosystem whereby ad revenue is decentralized by using the BAT Cryptocurrency advertisers can purchase BAT Tokens for Ads based on websites and in addition Brave will reward its users BAT Tokens if they opt-in to choose to view ads. They intend to funnel 70% of ad revenue back to the users and remaining 30% will go towards browser development after all if you really think about it if we are essentially the product for advertisement companies why not incentivize us to view the ads instead of forcing it down our throats and giving all the money back to YouTube and Google in addition breakfast wants to empower content creators by allowing us the audience to donate to our favorite content creators with BAT Tokens this in my opinion is a much healthier feedback loop than the current one we have raised brilliant ideas by using the BAT Cryptocurrency to decentralize the power structure of the current big players such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and what have you they can shift the power balance back to more to the users and content creators essentially this creates an ecosystem where by advertisers online users and content creators all get rewarded more fairly unlike all the top browsers that exist today the Brave Browser is built natively as a privacy focused browser without blocking implemented on the first layer of the code which therefore completely bypasses unwanted cookies scripts and trackers as a result of processing less data it allows for Brave to provide a much faster browsing experience and also saves users on mobile extra data bandwidth costs and battery life where it counts the most through my own personal use.


I've also found out that the native App Blocker and Brave is much better than the Adblocker plus which i've used on Firefox and Chrome for years here is an example of the CNBC Article one loaded on Brave and the other loaded on Chrome with a blocker plus it becomes clear that the Brave native app locking system works much better than the others as you can see the same site to the left running on the Brave Browser bypasses CNBC's detection for ad blocking and break you straight to the site while Chrome running on a blocker plus does not have the same advantage some additional noteworthy features is that since the Brave Browser is built on Chromium it can also run most of the Chrome Extensions as long as they have been vetted by the Brave Team to make sure that they are free of Spyware and Malware.


The Brave Browser also comes with a built-in Web Torrent and a Crypto Wallet which is also going to come in handy especially if you believe in the future of Crypto Currencies in my opinion after using the browser extensively I strongly believe that they have a fantastic use case and a browser that a lot of people will move to as it provides a solution to a problem that is becoming more and more evident to the mainstream consciousness in fact I myself have ditched the Chrome and Firefox Browser for Brave as my main I believe early signs are already indicating this ship as Brave just recently surpassed the popular mobile browser or Opera and also went from 5 million downloads to the most recently 20 million downloads that they have had in the Android Play Store, they've been able to achieve this in less than a year and during a bear market to boot so if that doesn't speak for its use case I don't know what what brief, all this leads me to believe that BAT the Cryptocurrency that runs the ecosystem behind the Brave Browser will provide a huge upside potential and gains in the next few years what Brendan Eich is creating with Brave and BAT is something really revolutionary because it is providing a solution to a problem that the mainstream is seeing growing bigger day by day if you haven't tried brave yet I urge you to give it a shot you can use my referral link underneath to download the Brave Browser start receiving some BAT Tokens in return and try out this amazing browser.



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