Grimes holding a book

Why Grimes "Reading" the Communist Manifesto is Irrelevant (but amusing)

Apparently the rich man's poor man's wife going by the stage name of Grimes decided recently to end the zoomer e-tabloid wet dream that was her imminent trainwreck relationship with the most well-known African inventor and subsidy king, commonly understood to be the man with most titular dollars to his name (Melon Usk or smth idk). In a true festival of posturing she decided to get photographed holding the infamous 'Communist Manifesto'. I write 'holding' and not reading, because it is self-evident that the attention-hungry starlet simply wanted to be noticed with something mildly controversial and linked to the fact that she just broke up with the world's richest man (by so called 'net  worth'). Notice her 'unique' clothes that she was no doubt just accidentally wearing, walking down the street accidentally holding a book she clearly just picked up to 'send a message' (clearly inspired by the design of costumes for the upcoming 'Dune' film that I hope will actually be way more ambitious than anything to do with Grimes).  


The most amusing thing is how she obviously attempted to rip the back cover of the book to imply that she had actually been using it intensely or carrying it about with her, though I double she is capable of reading with comprehension, let alone creative reflection. I bet she thinks ripping the cover to make the book appear more used and therefore lend her a more intellectual air was a smart idea, however this is mere conjecture on my part and she may have just ripped it unintentionally with her talons. The slightly less amusing thing is also how the people pandering to commies are those who literally make their hands unusable by appending gross pieces of plastic to them: not sure how you are going to work in the kibbutz with those darling.

To end I might remark that the singer and the ideology share a lot in common: both were irrelevant and forgettable from the start and then astroturfed into prominence and even global recognition, ironically, by the power of money. Lenin may have said that capitalists will sell to the communists the rope on which they will be hanged by them, but this is not the case: capitalism is not threatened by spoiled kids. The corporate-state invigilation clusterfuck of an economic arrangement that passes as capitalism today and which Elon Musk is a very good example is its own threat; hopefully if implodes under its own weight and morphs into something more cybernetically interesting.

Anyway, if Grimes' and Musk's breakup was partially the latter's decision I would like to congratulate Mr Musk on perhaps his best design choice yet. He certainly stands to benefit chronologically and mentally from it, as do we all, released from the pageantry and phony drama we see a sample of above.

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