So What is Statera?

With the inclusion of a new reward coin to publish0x some of you might be wondering what that is and whether it is any good. As someone who has been a holder of Statera for quite some time I would like to share some general news/impressions with you, who will in all likelihood become STA holders in the near future.

Statera is what introduced me to altcoins way back in 2020. Back then I held only a few cryptocurrencies, but a recommendation and some research later I decided to commit myself to this (at the time) new project. What made me confident in the long term potential of the coin was the dogged (some would say autistic) commitment of the team to their project. Three years on I can say with confidence the gamble paid off. I still hold a significant number of STA from my original investment and intend to hold STA long term. But let me explain, in lay terms, why Statera is worth holding.

In 2020 the idea of a crypto ETF or a token that burns as it is used was relatively new and still a novel quirk. Statera came along promising quite a lot, aiming to invest into leading crypto and automatically rebalance the portfolio to achieve more stable growth over time as opposed to the usual lofty peaks and abyssal troughs seen in crypto in rapid succession. Those who would hold on to the deflationary token would become heirs to an increasingly valuable pool of crypto, meaning that buying STA would essentially be buying rights to the value of leading crypto in the future, basically allowing people with high time preference to buy heavily discounted BTC. I remember when Statera flatlined some time in 2020 and someone commented that the burn rate is too low and that it will never make a difference. Well, whoever that was, joke is on them: I remember the circulating supply (originally 100 000 000) being 94 million. Well, it is 79 million now. Clearly people kept trading enough STA to make a difference and with the project largely moving to the Phantom network, less costly transactions will translate to a higher burn rate as people are more likely to buy and sell STA opportunistically as the price inevitably fluctuates. This speculation will no doubt contribute to more flux, but overall it will aid the upward trend of Statera. Moreover, Phantom network's lower fees mean more people are likely to jump onboard with small investments, further adding to the projects potential.

The key takeaway from my ramble here is that Statera is not a new project, but one that has withstood the test of time. It was one of the first to employ novel mechanisms back in the day and retains an active community of developers. It is as far from a pump and dump scam as you can get. I would compare it to a tontine or some similar insurance/gambling policy technique: this is a coin for people who are patient with their crypto. With the addition of STA to the reward tokens of Publish0x it will no doubt be introduced to a number of people sufficiently versed in crypto to appreciate the potential of this time-tested crypto project, which can only help the coin gain prominence and hasten its success, which, in the long run, I am convinced about anyway.

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