What I learned about people during the lockdown


The year 2020 will be always remember as the Covid Year and maybe also the 2021. In Italy, one of the first countries after China hit by the virus, schools were closed in Spring. So we, the teachers, started to e-teach. In Italy we called DAD, acronym for Didattica a Distanza (Distance Learning).

The amount of classes has been naturally halved, in order to not stress the students too much. Actually, well before the lockdown, I already started to complete my classes with learning object and materials I produce and collect on my teaching blog. Unfortunately, for too many students the lockdown meant holydays. 

Anyway, teaching less hours and also the absence of transporting myself on my workplace everyday gave me a lot of free time.  I had the opportunity to learn something new. I discovered the fantastic world of digital sculpture. I always been in art stuff. I like to draw and the digital sculpture was a revelation. I'm not going to write about my art, but if you are curious here it is my Artstation profile.

I'm pretty good in staying alone, committing myself to my studies, hobbies and interests, in order to improve my skills. Viceversa, many people during the lock-down went crazy. Why?

To answer is very simple. Their life paradigm was broken by the emergency, by the crisis. You cannot see what/who you want when you want anymore. You cannot go out without a specific and acceptable reason. You cannot go out in order to buy a lot of stuff that probably you do not need (anyway Amazon grew a lot, obviously). The principle I'd like to affirm is that the lock-down worked like a mirror. You are alone with yourself: what you gonna do with your obliged free time you have to spend with your self? Do you enjoy yourself? And, if you spent the lock-down with your family, do you enjoy those people?

If the answer is "No", probably there is something wrong with your life. I want to be clear: also answering "Yes" can mean you are dangerous field. Starting from the latter, presuming you live alone, too much solitude, even if is enjoyable, can be unhealthy, from a psychological point of view. Aristotle once said the the man who does not need company in his entire life is a god or an animal. To be always focused on ourselves, on our goals may be can feel yourself like a god in his realm, but it is unbearable in the long run. Social skills are like any other skills: they need exercise to stay decent. Plus we need each other at many levels.

Otherwise, living the lock-down with others, like your family, your girl/boyfriend, obliges you to exercise those skills. In this case the lock-down works like a test on the strength of your relationships, reinforcing the good ones, catalyzing the breaks in the case of bad ones.

If you answer "No" to the question, probably you do not know yourself very well. Who are you and what are you capable of? Does the whole of your happiness depend on the presence of other people? This is a weak spot, because it means that  your are not in control of your happiness, or that there is nothing you are able to find in yourself that makes you happy or satisfied. You are not just enough for yourself. That's pretty bad. Every person needs a few moments of solitude during the day. We need the time to reflect and build up the sense of our actions in this world, feeling a greater purpose. Being carried by the routine, without questioning anything, makes us scarily near to automatons.

The Covid situation is an unquestionable crisis. Anyway the word "crisis" come from the ancient greek verb krino, which means also to judge, to discern. Crisis can be, indeed, a turning point in how we consider and conduct our life.  

Do you belong to the first or to the second kind? Tell me in the comments.



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Vito Fabrizio Brugnola
Vito Fabrizio Brugnola

Philosophy and History High School teacher. IT enthusiast. Thinking about a 2nd Master's Degree in Computer Science.


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