Ascension 5th Dimension - Earth 3-D planet.

By KdGamerHub | kdgamerhub | 9 Jul 2020

Starseed-Lightbearers---Quick Reminder ....There had been and there is an ongoing separation of the people who will stay in the New Earth and those who will continue their soul evolution in a similar Earth 3-D might notice something odd outside in public places...your family and neighborhood seems the same but the beyond that you will notice less and less people here...quarantine is only a term used so that it will not be that obviously strange for the public...passing away during from this so-called pandemic or any kind of death nowadays is only the gateway of the souls who would not wish to continue their contract here as Gaia continue her Grand Evolution...there is no right or wrong...there is no judgement,,,All souls are free. For those who will stay wholeheartedly with the permission of your higher will find your manifestation is so much faster...but the drama will become more intense in your lives...this is just the turbulence stage before completely anchoring in a higher dimensional field...just focus on what you want by facing the sunrise everyday...and declare to the universe that we live in an abundant universe..and you are a child-god in human form...abundance is your birth right...and you are here to experience the challenges and beauty of the ascension process of are not here---experiencing all the angelic number syncs..and ascension symptoms just to give up right now... All we can do is to love every moment of these and be matter what it is that you see around you... focus on your are testing your creator skills right can do it...we can do it and we will make it....know that you are much trust.. Starseed-Lightbearers---you carry the Divine will in this possess the power of the Creator in your hands...hard times is the best of time to unleash it..and be amazed of what you can do now...take care all of you... May the Source be with us all. Namaste.

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