Halving Campaign on Crypto.com: 1 Million Dollars Will Be Sold With 50% Discount

Halving Campaign on Crypto.com: 1 Million Dollars Will Be Sold With 50% Discount

By kazandiran | Kazandiran | 1 May 2020

Crypto.com, one of the popular Bitcoin exchanges, now sells $ 1 million of Bitcoin at 50 percent off for its customers.

Crypto.com asks its investors what is your prediction about Bitcoin price after the halfway on 12 May.

Crypto.com emphasizes that it is happy to announce The Syndicate Halving Special program, which offers BTC with a 50% discount - $ 1 million allocation. There is no need for any CRO stake. All Crypto.com stock market users are invited to join.

The special event will begin on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 at Crypto.com exchange. If you are not registered on the stock exchange, you have to register.

To increase your maximum allocation for the BTC subscription and also the transaction fee discount (20%), you need to stake the CRO on the Exchange.


Details of the Program

The stock market explained the details of the program as follows:

Total BTC Supply: BTC worth 1,000,000 USD

Discount rate: 50%



Syndicate Allocation: The maximum CRO amount that can be applied to each participant's special event will depend on the amount of CRO you hold on the Crypto.com Exchange as shown below.

This program is different from other programs.

As is known, Crypto.com stipulated CRO Token to participate in the Syndicate program.

In this event, “CRO Staking” is not required. All you have to do is keep 3,600 CROs in your Crypto.com wallet. 3600 CRO tokens make $ 250.



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