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10 Reasons to Buy Ripple in 2020

By kazandiran | Kazandiran | 29 Apr 2020

Here are 10 reasons to buy Ripple:

1.Ripple Transaction Protocol

XRP was launched in 2012 by Ripple Labs Inc with the goal of being a blockchain-powered solution that enables sending money across the border seamlessly.

XRP can be used in Ripple Transaction Protocol. This means; XRP is not only used as a digital currency. It is also used in money and information processing. So Ripple simplifies money transfers and payments through a digital channel thanks to XRP.



2. The future of Ripple - Partnership with banks

Ranking 3rd in terms of market value, XRP is the only cryptocurrency project that has established relationships with almost traditional financial institutions.

Perhaps the most important reason to buy Ripple is that XRP is one of the few cryptocurrency projects with extraordinary and innovative financing for the whole market.

Second, Ripple managed to include more than 200 customers on RippleNet in 2019, including MoneyGram, Santander and American Express. The quality of customers using RippleNet helps to make the network stronger. Thus, it enables XRP to attract other users by making the intermediary currency in international transactions.

Ripple also establishes close relationships with traditional financial institutions and regulators. This enables Ripple to eliminate competition from banks' cryptocurrencies and to cooperate with traditional financial institutions for the future of money.


Within the financial system, Ripple has made great strides in this area so far. In 2019 alone, it signed agreements with nearly 100 banks, including MUFG, BBVA, SEB, Akbank, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, SBI Remit, Cambridge Global Payments, Star One Credit Union and eZforex.

These deals can make XRP's first digital currency accepted by a large number of financial institutions.


3. Ripple technology

Having a third generation blockchain, XRP's operations in 4 seconds could do the old SWIFT system in 2 or 3 days.

While Bitcoin performed about 7 transactions per second, Ethereum could process about 15 transactions per second prior to the 2.0 update.

However, PayPal performs 193 transactions per second, while Ripple is capable of making 1,500 transactions. And just ahead of him is VISA, which trades 24,000 transactions per second.

Trillion dollar funds are being transported through cross-border transactions in the global financial sector. And XRP has the potential to increase these cross-border money transfers with faster and cheaper transactions.

For example; While cross-border payments are under 4 seconds through RippleNet, the same transactions can take 3 to 5 days in traditional financial institutions.

Moreover, lower cost transactions are realized with XRP. The minimum transaction cost for standard transactions on the Ripple network starts at 0.00001XRP.



4. XRP and availability

In and after 2020, Ripple can be a good option for investment. Indeed, XRP can be used on many crypto exchanges thanks to its popularity.

More importantly; The use of cryptocurrencies is increasing. But in the near term, experts did not find it possible to replace cryptocurrencies based on fiat currency.

However, the recent virus outbreak worldwide revealed that the system that the world needs is in cryptocurrencies.

Worldwide, more and more cities are being quarantined, and the use of physical currencies has been reduced as it increases the spread of the virus.

In addition, the global epidemic caused huge drops in financial markets worldwide.

Although the crypto markets reacted in the same way, we faced the fact that a decentralized financial system is imperative.

However, we still face serious economic problems globally.

Cryptos such as Bitcoin and XRP can prove their worth as the safest currency today, during the collapse of fiat coins.

However, to be realistic, what we call this may not be possible in the very short term for now.


5. Institutional investors

In 2015, Ripple raised $ 55 million in funding from venture capital investors in a single financing round on Google and Apple. These companies invested in Ripple to simplify and secure payment transactions.

Ripple also gets investment from venture capitalists. In 2019, Ripple managed to receive an investment of 200 million dollars.


6. Attractive price

Why would it make sense to buy Ripple in 2020? Because XRP is traded at a relatively low price, making it one of the most attractive currencies.
Namely, the price of Bitcoin is really too high for an average investor. Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are also not a cheap option to invest in. XRP is currently trading at around $ 0.15. Ripple can attract investors for both buying and spending with its low price.


7. Return on investment (ROI)

XRP is one of the money with huge profit potential. In 2017, XRP performed much better than many cryptos.

While XRP increased by more than 36,000%, Bitcoin ranked 14th in the list of top performing currencies, with a growth slightly above 1,000%. Although it has fallen since then, this rise of XRP has shown its investors how far it can grow.


8. Security

It can be a good idea to get Ripple in 2020 because both parties involved in the transactions can access a secure channel that reveals a potential threat.


9. Developer team

Many digital currencies cannot make progress. Because their leaders cannot choose developers or methods that will make tokens attractive for investors and partnerships. Ripple, which is very good in this regard, succeeds in attracting venture capital investors and large investors as a company.


10. Development Potential

Although Ripple seems to pay more attention to the XCurrent tool, the use of xCurrent may also increase the use of XRP. After the liquidity conditions are sufficient, financial institutions and banks may choose to switch to the XRapid tool, which indirectly uses XRP.

Also, one of Ripple's goals last year was to list XRP on many exchanges and it has largely succeeded. In fact, XRP was added to many exchanges as base money.


Being listed on exchanges and being accepted as base currency provided more liquidity for XRP. All of these items can be a reason to buy Ripple.




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