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Theta Fuel (Tfuel) is planned to make it $10 token.

By Kavi | Kavya | 9 Jun 2021

In 2020,March I bought Theta coin in just $0.30 and hold for next 3 months but i could not find anything interesting about the project and sold all 11000 Theta at $0.40. 

It was my big mistake and i am still feel bad about it because my research about this project was not properly done at that time.As currently i see Theta how in just an year reach $10.00 .The project is really quick upgrading and fixing the points inside where this theta can grow at new level of height .

At the present time , Theta just announced to upgrade its mainnet from 2.0 to 3.0 and its going to take place within a month and if we notice theta has big plan to make valuable to its native token called theta fuel . In Mainnet 3.0 , It has fixes many issues and bring out the top solution about theta fuel which can be earn by staking and also reducing the supply by burning the quantity of Tfuel which is so ideally planned to make the Tfuel shine like a diamond. 

As we know currently if we stake Theta coin through various Nodes  then we earn Tfuel and also we watch the live stream video and Earn Tfuel But that was not enough to let the Tfuel make more valuable and Mainnet 3.0 arriving to take over the problem.

Theta is growing as top video streaming platform from where Google , Facebook, Contentos share the streaming Nodes with partnering with Theta .Dlive also a live video streaming platform but still not able to chase Theta because of it great team of developers who has mind set to make the theta great where no other competitors can reach.

If we see the price movement in the coin market cap, TFuel is the only whose price hit $0.65 in just few hours and till the mainnet 3.0 launch hopefully it can be more than $3.00 . 

The theta organisation has great leader like former youtube co-founder Steve Chen whose passion can drive this project to  the new level of  success. 





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