No transaction fee if you use Dapper App for Ethereum.

No transaction fee if you use Dapper App for Ethereum.

By Kavi | Kavya | 25 May 2020

Ethereum has lots of good news nowadays and  its moving to right path to success . I will write an article here about Dapper device which connect ethereum blockchain through various Dapps .



Dapper was launched last year and from the time ,it continue providing freedom to play blockchain games and using other Dapps on ethereum blockchain. Before i know this App, i was always relying upon Metamask to connect my wallet to Dapps and settling any transaction on ethereum blockchain which cost me Gas price around $0.45 to $0.50 for every transaction i made . 

Dapper is following its mission to become blockchain a successful platform where each and every one have better user experience . currently if you use Dapper to connect your wallet with following Dapps then your all the transaction fee will be cover by Dapper . These app are :

  • Cryptokitties
  • Top Shot
  • Flow
  • Cheese wizard



Dapper which is actually created by the communities of cryptokitties ( a gaming app where digital cats are breed , sire , trade and gift) .cryptokitties was most successful blockchain gaming collectibles which interacted with users as entertainment and fun basis.The first cryptokitty was sold in 2018 at the cost of $170 k.

After that there were many startup companies joined with cryptokitties communities and started developing more entertainment and fun based games for the purpose to target broad market .Samsung Next is one of the most popular company which partnered with Dapper to build the apps . 

Dapper currently does not take any transaction fee from users if they use all the partnered Dapps . through Dapper Pass also They provide 10 free transaction to Non-partnered Dapps every week.





Dapper challenging Metamask in every aspect of transaction and Dapps promotional features to the users .Metamask which used to be major device to connect Dapps through Ethereum Blockchain ,seems missing the path and become less user friendly on daily track.


The best browser extension  recommended for Dapper :

  • Opera 
  • Brave 




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