NEW crypto in the market for huge profit

By Kavi | Kavya | 31 Aug 2020

There are few worthy crypto which can be moon at any time soon. these cryptos are launched recently.

1. Toast.Finance  (HOUSE) :

Built on Ethereum blockchain with 20k total coin supply dedicated to DeFi platform which looks quite similar to YFI. Finance DeFi which shock the crypto market with massive bull run yesterday and hit its all time high at 38k/YFI . 

Presently its in test Beta and will be awesome DeFi in the future with higher price . the current price is $114.00 .




Built on Ethereum blockchain with 70 k total coin supply ,has part of the group of YFI. Finance. It features to be a earning platform through borrowing and lending with decentralised exchange. The platform is in Test beta and currently the price is traded at $86.00 . it will gain the hype as we know is already become more popular in defi market because of massive price . 



3. DexToken Governance (DEXG) :

Built on Ethereum Blockchain with maximum coin supply of 20k . The price is currently being traded at $208.00 and it will jump to massive bull run once the new exchanges will be announced for listing . 

the project is uniquely based for token swap protocol like uniswap and having other Defi features which make the token more valuable in the future. 





4. OpenPredict Token (OPT):

Built on Ethereum Blockchain with maximum 9,900,000 coin supply has the feature to let the traders predict the price of any crypto and earn the token accordingly . As we know ,Cryptocurrency is highly volatile and price is always ups and down where these platform will let you earn OPT token through these events.

Currently the price of Token is $9.00 and is listed on uniswap and poloniex exchanges.The project is newly launched and the community works hard to make the project succesfull . The App will be launched soon as per their Announcement . 





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