Market is moving for big bullish.

By Kavi | Kavya | 3 May 2020


bullish market

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Crypto market is moving to positive direction to achieve new high and There are some fact which may lead the market in bullish trend.

1] 9 days left for bitcoin halving:  Every investor looks for some good opportunity to take position in the market and they keep eying through different source of news channel to follow the market trend and currently bitcoin halving has been latest which may lead the market in bullish . as we can see all the alt coins also rely upon bitcoin and once bitcoin grow then all the altcoins follows .From the different source of news, bitcoin will hit in next few days its all time high and make a new record and if we see bitcoin history then we also support this predictions . 

2] big promotion :  There are few exchanges like where you can buy crypto directly by paying with your debit or credit card with very low transaction fee ,are nowadays promoting to give free bitcoin worth $100 k during halving day if we trade with good  huge fund. this kind of news directly promoting bitcoin halving event which definitely lead for bullish trend.

3] Samsung news: Big electronic giant company in Asia , Samsung has just released a news about adding crypto payment features in Samsung wallet pay where any crypto related coins can be added for payment settlement also and add any debit and credit card for payment transactions .


4] Stablecoin Minted: From difference source of news , we receiving some signal about pumping crypto market as millions of stable coins like USDT,USDC,HUSD, Binance USD  are being transferred to various exchanges to make the market bullish during bitcoin halving time.


5] Big Trading Media News: CNBC , Blockchain , bitcoin news all the media including bloggers  are all set to publish positive news which are puting positive impact on even low margin traders to get enter in the market and make quick money.



Overall, everywhere the sign is to invest and invest to get higher profit and these are all factors making the current market more bullish .  


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