Learn the Programming Language 'PYTHON' in 2 hrs and develop your blockchain project.

Learn the Programming Language 'PYTHON' in 2 hrs and develop your blockchain project.

By Kavi | Kavya | 21 Apr 2020

Hello and welcome to my blog . 

From the title of the page you already got the point about what i am going to bring for you for learning. yes it 'PYTHON' a programming language which is quite easier and popular among all the learner . 

I just brought this contents for all of you to make your skill more upgraded at this lockdown period where 70% world population is staying at home .

Why i chose 'python' in my today blog ?

Python is such a programming language which consist less syntax which help programmer to make almost zero mistake during coding and very convenient For using this thats why lots of companies shifting their project on python .

I would happy to bring those points up here which makes python more relevant for blockchain project as we know blockchain is trending topic in all over the world news.

1.  Easier than other programming language :

python as i described earlier that its easiness make developer to finish the project in short time period and python developer community has worked on this in such a way where it can be 100% tested  for reliability and stability. its highly recommended for those developer who is not much experienced but can be used this programming language for working on blockchain.

2. Simplicity :

I used this word here because python has proved so far that it can be simple in compare of java, c++ .in example , code blocks is core keys in python for white spaces but developer no need to be too worried  about curly brackets or keywords.simply it saves the time to all the developer who coding for blockchain.

3. Popularity:

python is not only known for simplicity but its popularity among vibrant communities and it ranked 3 on tiobe.com (the software quality company).

4. Blockchain  friendly language: 

yes, python is not like c++ or other programming language .it can be run compiled or un-compiled  .just imagine in your application ,there is a bug and you need to stop application and fix the bug by going to source code and restart the application but in python just fix the bug and reload the application which make blockchain developer more easy life .

5. Free package :  

There are some other advantage  for python is it gives some free packages to help them write code with more efficient 

python free package




Today we need  a language for blockchain which should be secure , performant and scalable and that is python also it deals very quickly with growing query list. for the better performance of side chain or smart contract project, python is versatile option to be choosen.

unique selling point of python is ,a simple blockchain can be created in less than 50 lines of code , many task can be done with single command.

Since we already know about python then why not we go through these 2 hrs course and upgrade our skill and later resume to find more better opportunity in the future .

Lets start with following video tutorial:

part 1:

part 2:

part 3

part 4:

part 5:

part 6

part 7:

part 8:


Hopefully, you are progressing on learning python and developing new skill. Thank you for reading and watching. please  provide some feedback at comment section. i will improve negative points and bring more rich contents to this blogging platform.










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