Learn ,How to monitor different cryptocurrency transaction at only one place.

Learn ,How to monitor different cryptocurrency transaction at only one place.

By Kavi | Kavya | 23 May 2020




This is the complex problem, we are facing in our daily life of crypto currency transactions monitoring. If we hold our cryptocurrency example : Bitcoin , Ethereum , Dash  at more than one exchanges then it becomes tough to monitor all the transaction related those cryptocurrency .

if we understand in simplest way through this example:

Mr Kavi has bitcoin wallet at binance , coinbase , bittrex , upbit , crypto.com  and if someone transfer 2 bitcoin to Mr kavi at binance exchange wallet and 3 bitcoin at coinbase exchange wallet then it goes stressful to track all the transaction by going to same exchange by log in putting 2fa authentication or email sent code and it is more irritating if we could not receive the transaction after confirmation by senders .

Mr kavi becomes more frustrated as he did not receive any notification from binance or coinbase about transaction so he decides to ask senders to text you the wallet adress from where this transaction has made and finally you tired and go to third party blockchain explorer for tracking the transaction .....hmm it really makes tiring if we deal with bulk of cryptocurrency where instant payment is compulsory to run your perspective trade. 

This opportunity is not yet implemented by all the major exchanges where you can see your payment deposit and withdrawal confirmation in the sense of urgency and triggered notification through your phone numbers.

So, how to deal with this problem in current scenario ?

Blockchain technology and related problem solving techniques developing day by day and we finally achieve something which can help us to deal with like Mr kavi case study.

lets discuss first about benefit of real time crypto asset monitoring notification  
  • Through Telegram in your phone: Yes, now it becomes so easy to track all your transaction related cryptocurrency through Telegram channel .it will help traders and any business entity to quickly check the payment transaction without any delays .
  • Outgoing Transaction: Transaction related sending your crypto to other wallet , notification with full detail will be received quickly on your phone screen which will save your valuable time and energy which sometimes you are needed to apply to audit the transaction .
  • Configuration of Market data: Apart from monitoring your outgoing and incoming transaction ,it also helps you to audit your currency market value which also very important for compliance.
  • Risk data analysis: Nowadays , there are many scam and blacklisted wallet address been circulating in the market which is risky for any individual and business entity to settle the transaction by following same address which leads to freeze your wallet on major exchanges if any link found with blacklisted wallet .so in this scenario this platform works well to notify you to let you know about senders or receivers wallet status whether its blacklisted ,greylisted or whitelisted.
  • Security: This is most common need in crypto world to secure your payment and transaction and this platform works well with your account and notify you your every activity on it to make sure this is only you who is handling all these transaction and monitoring.

All the blockchain activity simply can be settle by going to this platform which totally free of cost and not any API integration required click here 

to go to website click here: 

to read white paper click here:

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