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Elon finally realised his misperception about Bitcoin .Does he open door for bullish market specially Dogecoin?

By Kavi | Kavya | 14 Jun 2021

In 2021, will be also historic for crypto market as Bitcoin broke its all time high and touched $ 64k .Bitcoin basically act like  a roller coster game where it takes long high and even long dip.This year since the news came into market that paypal is ready to accept bitcoin ,led to bull run which was later pumped more by Elon tweets as he showed interest to invest in bitcoin and later tweeted to accept bitcoin as alternative mode  of payment for its car Tesla. 

The new joiners of crypto market together with matured investors realised that bitcoin is ultimately get drive by Elon Musk and started following his tweets But unfortunately Elon tweeted after a few days , Tesla will not accepting bitcoin as payment due to high energy consumption for mining and the interesting part was ,his tweet and China ban bitcoin was just came out in less than a week time which crashed the market.

We know that Elon loves DOGE  and also invested in it after analysing the dogecoin mechanism before the whole crypto market crash . After few days of his tweets about bitcoin unaccepting for Tesla car purchasing , tweets back about Dogecoin and wanted a poll about their followers whether to accept dogecoin for Tesla or not.


Actually , Elon Musk main motive was manipulation of the market and make the Dogecoin to the top on bitcoin in coinmarket ranking But He doesn't know that His myth was already been tried by many giant companies investors to manipulate or crash down the price of bitcoin.  Anyways after few months Elen came into news again about accepting bitcoin but conditionally if Miners use clean energy . Common!!wake up ELON , Bitcoin you can manipulate for  short term but before your tweets and announcement it was already surprising everyone by breaking its all time high price. 


Bitcoin is The king and will be forever. yes dogecoin is your contribution for reaching this level . i will appreciate too but Dogecoin is become global currency by also continuous support of its communities around the world .Thats why we call it 'people's currency'.

Dogecoin popularity recently spread to every tv and internet news channels and its 50% credit goes to you but sooner or later you realised that Without promoting bitcoin your dogecoin can not go to the moon.

Today i saw something about how dogecoin making more young fans who loves accepting doge for their goods and product.



In my final thoughts, Bitcoin is the store of value where as Dogecoin is people's currency both has proof of work algorithm ,one is limited supply and another is unlimited supply. Dogecoins gets popular on the base of their huge supporters and it motivated others doge to follow on his path where success always comes late after many turbulence.   


The hype of dogecoin and great support of Elon has made many breeds like shiba inu , kishu inu , baby shiba bla blah... But Dogecoin coin will always be success full meme coin in crypto market like how bitcoin led the Altcoins . 



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