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El Salvador Adopted Crypto as Legal Tender, impact of the decision in long term.

By Kavi | Kavya | 8 Jun 2021

There are lot of good thing happening in 2021 for crypto communities and one of them is "LegalTender recognition initiated by EL Salvador as world's  first country to adopt Crypto  as legal Tender" it is a one of the best news come after Paypal accept Crypto for their marketplace. These all news are directly connects other financial tycoon to move ahead for acceptance towards crypto.Countries are also analyse and evaluate the value of crypto in the future.

In the short term , Crypto might be down and unhappy you but always think for long term where future looks bright and your invested money made you millionaire or billionaire. 

Don't let short term emotions take over you .Look at long term technology trends. "crypto"will be everywhere in due time

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao

You feel no wonder if you see crypto will be adopted by other countries for its financial and economic solution But Still some richy rich and leaders plays politics like American Opposition leader Donald Trump has recently on Monday interviews to fox news that Bitcoin is scam and he would only want American Dollars to be world currency. you may get the interview link below.

When Donald Trump was president then why not he considered bitcoin to be scam This question might be every one mind thinking hehe. The main purpose of this kind of statement ,tweet, comments shows that they just want to nuke down Bitcoin in lowest price so they can fill their bags ,In long term bitcoin or other cryptos will be in mass adoption zone .

Let's  know some more about crypto in long term impact as we crypto gets first legal country .Justin Sun CEO of Tron Foundation has recently tweeted and claimed to get first to be landed to EL Salvador to establish Their organisation .

  Tron in El Salvador

You still don't think crypto has bright future then look at Coinbase stock share price which climbs 10% after listing Dogecoin . The power of crypto still yet to come in real form where Technology meets real connection with Mass . 

Have you heard ? people will make fun on you then ignore you then adopt you . Crypto is just going in same direction and in next few year it will be adopted by other nation .its like a show which is never ending but sooner or later providing fruitful and systematic Technology where corruption ,inflation,Time consuming will be gone forever.



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