Crypto and X: Love at First Sight... About our amicable breakup

By Kavehu | Kavehu | 18 Sep 2023

As part of optimizing my online habits, I found myself passively scrolling through tweets several times a day. I've been thinking about it a bit - as with other platforms I've started using for cryptocurrencies. Is X(Twitter) good for me? Or am I just wasting my time avoiding scammers?

Thanks to potential airdrops, testnets, and platforms like Zealy or TaskOn, I voluntarily follow several hundred accounts, several dozen accounts follow me, and I block about the same number. The question is: What have I gained from countless likes, reposts and infographics, perhaps except for a minimal chance in the lottery of all possible whitelists and OG roles...


Information. One could answer. If I can critically evaluate them myself. And avoid scammers...

First of all - I have to say that when it comes to social networks, I am quite reserved. There is no question of monetization. It's age to some extent. I am one of the last generations born offline. So I don't have to share everything and I don't have a comment on everything... I don't know if Twitter has always been this controversial and manipulative. Paradise of investment advice, brilliant analysts, guaranteed successful Aidrops. I don't know because I didn't need it. I've never cared who owns Twitter. Or when and where Donald Trump is online…


As part of optimizing my online habits, I am calmly saying goodbye to this erratic algorithm. Of course, this does not mean that I will not continue to follow projects that I consider promising. Projects that need to build a strong user base.

And that's all. Thanks for reading and see you soon!!!


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