Why I am Truly Thankful for Crypto and NFTs

Why I am Truly Thankful for Crypto and NFTs

By KatsuCrypto | KatsuCrypto | 26 Nov 2021

Over the course of the last month or two, no tweet has resonated with me more than this tweet right here from Ray Acosta

This tweet made me think about how I got into crypto, and why I feel so at home in this space. More on that later.

Sometime right around last Thanksgiving, I decided to dip my toe in the water and start investing in crypto. I got in the way most No-Coiners got in; I bought some Bitcoin on Coinbase. 

I had heard about crypto 4 or 5 years back and found it fascinating but could never get past how new and volatile these new assets were! I had a friend that was always working on multiple projects in the space.

I loved asking him questions over beers and hearing him speak on this new and exciting space. 

I got really tired of seeing people tweet about politics and found it hard to fit in with either side. It’s very hard for me to identify with group(s) that are just angry all the time.

Like most humans these days, I’ve gotten more and more attached to my smart phone! So it was ver necessary to find something online that didn’t bring me down. I needed to be part of something that would lift me up!

As I tweeted and retweeted more about crypto and NFTs, the algorithm started filling my timeline with things that excited me and made me smile! 

I eventually went through the natural progression into the NFT space and linked back up with my friend who seemed to be doing really well. And I mean this mentally, as well as financially. So I aped into some new projects with him and I just love the positivity it brings to my timeline.

I have a place I can go to feel part of a community of people that I share interests with; an escape from the hustle and bustle, and stresses of living IRL. 

Around the same time I first started learning about crypto, my mother was diagnosed with myelofibrosis, which is a kind of blood cancer. This disease can be treated, but the only cure is a bone marrow transplant. 

Thankfully, she found a full match in her younger sister, to receive the necessary transplant. As I sit here with her, on day 27 since she’s received her transplant, there is a lot for which I am thankful and grateful.

I was able to take leave from my job to be here to take care of her. The bond we make within these 5-6 weeks will be stronger than maybe most sons have with their mothers. 

I got her to buy 1.25 $ETH back when it hit $1900 (the first time)! If she only new that I’ve been spending some of my ETH on NFTs (more than I’d like to talk about in this article), she might think I was crazy. 

But, being in this space and being part of a few different online communities that I believe in has helped me through this rough patch in my life. I’ve used it as an escape, as well as a crutch. I can come to this space and listen to people talk and laugh about smoking weed and buying NFTs. I get to change my PFP for the hour, the day, or just for the duration of the twitter space I’m in. Sometimes it’s a flex, and sometimes it’s to show that I have belief in the same projects as that of the ones the host or speakers are backing.

It is a space where I can enter from the comfort of my own home, or from the hospital bed I am sitting next to, and for that, I am truly grateful. 

One last thing I am truly thankful for is for anyone reading. Thank you for dropping a like and/or maybe a little $FARM or $AMPL. Thank you for being part of this journey with me!


HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Be good, be safe, and pig out!

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