Is it Difficult to HODL???

By KatsuCrypto | KatsuCrypto | 13 Apr 2024

Hello my fellow magic internet money enthusiasts! 

I was just on the way to my fav coffee stand (Starbux can suck it!), and my wife opened an alert from Coinbase saying that her crypto portfolio was down. I asked if she wanted to buy a little more? She just looked at me like a weirdo! 

This is her first cycle. She spent the whole last cycle as a non-believer. And I have to admit, last cycle I was in an open BTC group chat. And I mainly just participated as a lurker. Maybe posting an undertaker GIF here and there, every time my bags pumped! Or maybe a pain GIF when BTC dragged the market down with it. But now I understand the power of DCAing into Bitcoin. 

It’s the easiest play you can make! The best insurance policy for missing on the many shitcoins you’ve thrown a couple racks at.

It’s the best hedge you could hope for instead of keeping your fiat in your checking account!

IYKYK. I digress.

I truly believe, this year could be the last time in history we see BTC under $75k. I believe it so much that buying some BTC last week near the top and buying again as it dips back below $70k is the easiest play of all time! Those that have been through a cycle know that the dips can happen. Yes they stung a bit. 

But my wife started filling her BTC bag at $19k! Imagine someone asking you if you want to by BTC at 19k, today! I would strongly consider taking out a loan and pushing all-in on BTC. These little 10-15% dips are just so insignificant. 

You buy Bitcoin and you HODL. 

And of course, the shitters on $SOL are tempting. I’ve wanted to add a little SOL, and I still might take a step inside the Solana casino. But I will continue to stack SATS and I will continue buy dips. 

I urge all of you reading this to stack sats and stack ETH and layer 2s! 

I am not a financial advisor, but I do love to advise about finance! And I’ll leave you with this; fiat is dead. It’s not dying, it’s dead. Use it to pay your bills then buy Bitcoin. Period. 

Thank you for reading. 


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