How I Stop from Refreshing my Portfolio every five minutes...

By KatsuCrypto | KatsuCrypto | 11 May 2021

What’s up y’all! After a fun-filled weekend of some Up Only, we finally seem to be served with a little dip. 


The run that Ethereum has been on has been nothing short of spectacular! As most of us that have been holding crypto for longer than the Doge pump, we’ve had to hold our crypto through a correction or two.  

And it’s funny, while we’re lifting off price-wise, I keep telling myself I’m going to buy the dips. And when I have extra fiat in my account I pour as much of it as I can into said dip! I mean I love dip as much as the next person!

What I really love to do when there are lulls in the action is read articles that others from this crypto space are writing about. I love reading articles from beginners as well as that of those who have more time in the market under their belts. 

If you’re new to this community and would like to get in touch with like-minded noobs such as yourself? Or if you’re a Wiley veteran of the crypto space that has some stories to tell, hit me up!


I’m right there with ya! Follow me here! I’ll follow back! Or check me out on Twitter @checkit77.

I want to hear from you. I’m not just here for the free crypto. I want to connect with people that want to talk about crypto and bounce ideas off each other. No judgment! Let’s learn from each other and further our crypto education!

What coins do you hold that you believe in, and what are you holding. Maybe you’re interested in what I hold and what I think about what I hold!

(I hold BTC, ETH, LTC, BAT, and OMI)

I plan to write more blogs on why I hold what I hold and my goals for this bull run and what I want to do in this space moving forward. I get excited when I think of the possibilities. We can help shape the future of money instead of just waiting on the sidelines watching history being made before our eyes!

Hit me up! And thanks for reading!


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