Ethereum and Litecoin: What is happening?

By KatsuCrypto | KatsuCrypto | 10 May 2021

Like that song by Chaka Khan and Rufus, “Tell me something good!”

Ethereum and Litecoin are pumping so hard right now and it just feels like vindication! I’ve held ETH and bought dips and we’re finally here! $4k ETH! 

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here but I just thought this was a perfect time to come back into this space. 

Now I know, that there’s some of you in this space that have been HODLing ETH and LTC longer and through greater dips than I have, but it feels so good to say that anyone that has invested in both coins before today is in profit! 

We are in price discovery, folks! Enjoy it! I know I am right now! Pop bottles, pat yourselves on the back! And know that we’re no where near done!

How painful it was to see my friends jumping on Robinhood buying Doge while I begged and pleaded with them to buy Ethereum amd Bitcoin.  

Got so sick of them saying how Doge is just a better coin with no knowledge of what they’re investing in. 

Was I jealous, much? Why yes, yes I was! I sold my 10,000 Doge back at $0.012 and traded it for Basic attention token. Which really hasn’t done too bad. But it didn’t do what Doge did! 

 Now I can feel good about the coins I invested in out of belief and faith that these would be the big performers! Now it’s our turn Ethereans and Litecoiners! 

HODL on you crazy crypto kids!



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