Why did my August Online Income surprise me? What record did I break?

By katerinaramm | katerinaramm | 1 Sep 2023

Well, hello September!

We had to say goodbye to an August that was unique in many ways. I still cannot believe how this month passed so quickly. I did not get a chance to go on holidays, so maybe that is the reason why I still feel it's summer time.

The good news is that my earnings saw a (small but significant) increase so that creates positive vibes for the future!

So without any further ado, let us share more details below!

As always, I got to warn you, it is not fancy, it is not much.
The last few months, I was wondering if I should keep posting about my monthly income. I thought I should discontinue, but I have decided to keep on doing in on a monthly basis.

I should also mention that my earnings post was the most popular post of the month in Medium (more detailed stats to be shared soon)

There are many users that would like to ask and they do not, or that they wish to know more about what the rewards are for taking the time to create content and/or to engage in the various platforms.

The most important thing for me is that my blogging is fun, rewarding, and educational. This has grown to become a daily habit and I enjoy myself a lot! Any rewards that come with, are simply the cherry on top of the cake :)

Already 8 months into 2023! Let's see what this month has left us to examine, to see thoroughly, to analyze and to help us decide further.


I will below analyze the earnings from my blogging activities, through:

Hive - LeoFinance

This month there was a fall to my earnings, and so far the lowest month in earnings.

The total amount earned for the month of August is $112.02

There is a decrease from last month when I earned $134, and it's worth to note that my best ever month in 2023 was February where the total amount equaled to $256.


Many of the statistics derive from:

And here is my profile stats. I will soon be 75!
(Screenshots by hivestats)


You may be interested in these ...🔹 If you are new in hive 🔹 presenting starryai - AI image generator app 🔹 how can a hive user find their niche community


This has proven to be a much better month than July!
I am proud to say that not only did I make more than last month, I also broke the 50$ barrier!

This month's earnings were 66,46$! It is worth to mention that this is the biggest amount I have ever, ever earned on Medium!



It is important to mention that I have only 200 views more than last month, but almost triple earnings. We cannot any more see reads or fans because the stats page has changed.

August Stats

July Stats

For you who do not know, Medium is an author's platform where you can write posts and be rewarded as per the views of the subscribers (it costs 5$ a month to be a subscriber). You are required to give your full KYC & Tax info and get paid via Stripe on a monthly basis.

You can read here a comparison between Medium, Hive, Publish0x


(Referral link if you want to sign up)

This month I only made three posts, and I did not visit the site on a daily basis.
The monthly earned amount was $2.39

(This is the link to the monthly views + earnings of my blogs - the earnings from upvoting other posts are not included in here)

Other side hustles

I received no $ from Pexels donations to my images, 0 for one of my free books in gumroad and I have only 2$ in AttaPoll - Surveys but I will need at least 3 to cash it, so it is not included in the report. I also earned 0.9$ in BCH by using Cashrain

In total the earnings of June were: $181.77


As always most of the amounts in hive are not moved, but invested in the platform itself. The earnings of publish0x are usually moved after they reach a specific treshold and the amounts of medium are transferred to my bank (and have been spent until now for personal expenses and for paying the medium subscription of 5$.)

Thank you for visiting and feel free ask me any questions or let me know of any feedback!

Last month I predicted that my earnings would be similar to the previous month, and in total I was right. However, there was an increase in Medium and a decrease in Hive that caused that.

We can all see that consistency is the key in anything we do, however it is not always easy to do so.

Thank you very much for visiting! I wish you a prosperous new month and a productive autumn 2023! Dont mind the bears, they do their job .. you are responsible for your own luck!

June Earnings
July Earnings

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