Publish0x offers 10% tips this weekend PLUS an opportunity for 10x AMPL tip

By katerinaramm | katerinaramm | 1 May 2021


I hope you have not missed this, but if you did, I am here to let you know about ...

The Publish0x LuckyTipWeekend!


So, what is this about?

First of all you give & get a 10% bigger crypto tips
Second and most important - you may be one of the lucky few who will get a 10x tip in AMPL!

So, what do you have to do?

  • First of all, make sure you go start tipping your friends over there :) This will earn you bigger rewards - of course as you are here, why not ...

  • Write your own post and get tipped 10% more?

  • Feel free to share your post below (of course :)) - and here's my link to my posts there

Official Announcement link here

And that's not all!

  • Check this out!

If you get any tip in AMPL (and especially the lucky jackpot tip), take a screenshot of it, and share it in our Publish0x Telegram chat. We will be dropping in at random times over the weekend and give away extra $5 in AMPL rewards!

(here's how a tip looks like)


And here's the link to their TELEgram channel!

Are you not on Publish0x?

You may wish to join?
Click here to apply - it takes sometime to become verified as an author, but you can immediately tip other users (and receive your share of tips)

And here's some extra info about Publish0x tips ;)

Thank you again for dropping by, feel free to share your thoughts below!

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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