Publish0x January 2023 Statistics & Earnings

By katerinaramm | katerinaramm | 31 Jan 2023

First month of the year and to be honest... I am happy its almost over.
It was a month that left me no time to relax or rest, I even did not have the chance  & pleasure to make a daily post here on Publish0x

This post is an exclusive to this channel and I will present my January Statistics & Earnings

If you go to your dashboard, you will see a similar picture

For me, the earnings of January were:

Eth: 2,17
Ampl: 1,16
USD: 0.19
SPOT: 4,03

Total of 7.55$




Let's check out the views of this month


I am not sure why there is a 2$ difference here, perhaps something is not yet calculated

Whatever the case is, this amount has increased since last December, when it was 2.97$

And it is now time to set more goals for Publish0x

I already visit this platform every day. I support the authors with all my upvotes and whenever I have free time I write & publish.

I would like to keep the target of at least 5-7$ a month earnings until June and I would like to follow more people that post interesting content.

After June, I would like to have increased my connection to at least 400 and double my earnings.

I will also start withdrawing and see if I can manage to stake & monitor the profits.


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