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Price at May 1: 0.00000175$

Price at May 31: 0.000009059$

Monthly High price: 0.00003641$

% of gain in May: 404.23%

Shiba Inu the coin which trends viciously around the internet after the Dogecoin. As many exchanges come forwarded to add the coin in this month resulting as a top gainer of this month. Still, the price is below the cents suffering a loss like other coins during the crypto-cash, the trend stood alive within the internet and bragged even celebrities' attention.

2. Telcoin

Price at May 1: 0.01124$

Price at May 31: 0.03115$

Monthly High price:0.05987$

% of gain in May: 179.34%

Telcoin the name you may have not heard of it but it is thriving and jumping over 170 % in this month despite the crash. We have seen so many losers in this crash. Surviving and raising in such a critical period of time require a lot of people's attention and this coin sure gets it.


3. Polygon(MATIC)

Price at May 1: 0.7705

Price at May 31: 1.9512$

Monthly High price: 2.5404$

% of gain in May:137.89%

The coin that stood greenish in the huge crypto cash. The Matic holders gained significantly this month and their new projects on their chart are breaking, one of the fastest-growing networks, and many developers looking forward to this coin.


4. Ethereum Classic

Price at May 1: 40.73$

Price at May 31: 68.89$

Monthly High price: 155.56$

% of gain in May: 50.92%

The Ethereum classic managed to jump up 50% over the month. And many people expected it, several other coins were expected too but the crash made a significant impact on the raise of the coins. Although Ethereum classic managed to pull off it.


5. Cardano

Price at May 1: 1.3224$

Price at May 31: 1.7$

Monthly High price: 2.3871$

% of gain in May: 26.89%

Ever since the announcement of the smart contract launch in the Cardano ecosystem made the hype for the network. Even though it is not launched, its upcoming projects and its ecosystem attracted many people to put trust in this coin. One of the highly trended coins on the internet after SHIBA INU.


Many coins had a chance to raise in this month considering their history, but the unexpected fall in the market made us sad about the entire market. However, these are some coins that shown despite the crash of Bitcoin there might be a growth of the Altcoins. The Altcoins will one day become independent of the BTC trend.

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