PLASMA FINANCE - Things you need to know

By kat-cryt | katcryt | 3 Jun 2021

Plasma Finance:

Plasma finance is said to be an all-in-one DEX aggregator. You will be provided with all sort of management and analytics at one place all one need to do connect a wallet. The recently launched DEX is providing a lot of features which is of quite up-gradation of other DEX in the market.

PPAY token:

Like any other DEX Plasma finance also has its native token which is PPAY. 

Portfolio Management:

I have seen DEX but it's difficult to track your portfolios. One has to make record their data in order to view their portfolio or else they have to use a third-party app to view the details of the portfolio. Here, they are a portfolio for the wallet you have connected within the DEX. a feature usually available in Centralised exchange.

Liquidity pool Transaction Ease:

Currently, if you are changing a liquidity pool of a pair of tokens you have to pay for the four transactions that take place for taking out from pool1 and to transfer it to pool 2. so, for a pair of tokens that'll totally be four. So, they make this easy with a single transaction fee which we might have to wait and see how much it will cost if the liquidity becomes bigger.

GAS fee:

If you're an Ethereum based user, you might have seen how much you will be paying for the gas fee for every transaction. this might have lead to the loss of Ethereum for certain users. plasma finance offers gas fees pay other than ETH with stable coins like USDT, DAI, USDC, or PPAY the native token.

DEX with limit order:

Plasma finance will be the first DEX to offer trade with limit orders in a DEX platform. This gives the users to gain control on their orders as it will complete only it meets with user's criteria.

IDO launchpad: 

They have their own launchpad for IDO on the same page which easily makes users watch out for the coins newly launched in the DEX. Usually we have to refer to other launchpad platforms to see details about the new projects.


I always liked new projects coming into the project. This plasma finance is combining some of the centralized exchange features with a DEX making the crypto into a decent decentralized platform which is one of the main reasons to adopt Cryptocurrencies. So, projects which are growing like these might have a create a change within the crypto users. As many people can't able to understand clearly about liquidity pools, if you bring more users into DEX usage, it'll automatically benefit the crypto market as we have the DeFi protocols yielded a humongous amount of profit in last year alone.

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