By kat-cryt | katcryt | 5 Jun 2021

If you're a Dapp user in Ethereum and Binance smart chain you might have experienced the high price range of products and transfer charges. But it wasn't the same years ago, as those were growing at that time, the value was less to incur. So if accessing a growing blockchain is an advantage and you may not hear them often as they are in a growing phase. Remember Metamask wallet has the ways and guides to access have all these blockchains without any other specific wallet, these are some explorations if you wanna do or in case you're not comfortable with Metamask(like some of your friends are not).


TRON, you probably heard of this and even bought this coin. There are Dapps related to this blockchain but many don't know how to access these blockchain Dapps. Some multichain wallets like Coin98, Token pocket may have access to the blockchain network. In case if you're confused about using a multichain wallet you can go for Klever and Tronlink pro which are the other Tron-based apps to access these blockchains. If you're interested in Tron-based projects you can one of these two apps. You can use my invite code for klever AW80UV and for Tronlink Pro app it is pMOE.


AVALANCHE one of the fastest-growing blockchain in the DeFi, so far I have seen coin98 provides the gateway to access the avalanche chain. Coin98 offers a gateway for many blockchains but some get confused while operating. So be clear about what you to do. In the crypto environment, you always need to be careful whatever step you take.


SOLANO, the network that everyone talks about now, and am really excited to see the worth at the end of this year. one can access Solano network with Sollet chrome extension in their browser. You can also access it from coin98 wallet.


The trending network, the rise of the MATIC depends on the adaption of the network with Dapps. The newly emerged network also some DeFi and gaming Dapps and you access from web wallet provided by them. Unfortunately, Coin98 didn't have Matic network yet. But Tokenpocket provides one. 

I always wondered to have a single wallet so that I could use the same wallet for any blockchain. I always prefer Mateamask personally but not everyone likes the same so there are alternative ways to go for it. Some people are not aware of it as the top chains like Ethereum and BSC are being dominant. And these growing platforms have to grow stronger in order to compete with other chains. I came across all these chains and ways to access is from Dapp games. It is one way to attract people into their network. Like even if you don't like the new projects there are some Dapps are operating in multichain like Crypto Kitties, one can access the game several blockchains like Tron, Ethereum. If more people have access to these Dapps the easier for the good new projects to grow and thrive.

Always, do your own research on a new project. Remember the earlier access to any project is always an advantage. Just go through the project and go for it only if you like and see the potential in it. 

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