YEMEN-Country OR Warfield?

YEMEN-Country OR Warfield?

By Offkarishma | karishmaoff98 | 1 Jul 2020

Yemen Arab world’s most poor country is also a warfield for national and international powers. International powers have
chosen their sides among the warring parties according to their benefits.

The first rebellious movement took place in the year 2011 due to Arab uprising.The Yemenis wanted the end of long time ruling
president ALI ABDULLAH SALEH.His tenure was full of government corruption and unemployment.This uprising movement became
huge when it was backed by “Houthis” a group of shia rebels.In the year 2012 Saleh gave his position to his secretary“ABD-RABBO MANSUR HADI”,as expected his serving to the nation led to increase in rate of unemployment,food insecurity,suicide-bombing and a separatist movement in south of Yemen.Internal war began sparking and was divided into two groups one of them was of “Houthis”and people loyal to “Saleh”(unexpected move because houthis and saleh were best of enemies earlier) and the other
group was people loyal to the new Hadi government.


In the 2014 the “Houthi’s” took over Yemen’s capital “Sanaa” and also tried to take control over the country ultimately which
resulted in Hadi’s flee to Saudi Arabia.This action by Hadi was considered as a threat to the Saudi government.They feared that
Iran could foothold their borders and thus they accused Iran of backing the rebels but all these allegations were denied by
This fear of Saudi Arabia led to formation of alliance by different countries and a military operation started in Yemen.
These alliance provided weapons for war,intelligence support and logistics.The civil war is now supported external power
to the Hadi group.In the year 2017 Qatar withdrew itself from the alliance.As a result of this civil war intruded by Saudi Arabia groups like AL-Queda,Arabian Peninsular and ISIL they seized parts of south Yemen an attacked in government controlled

Saudi’s military operation led to a devastating result;
1:Civilians suffering the most ,more than 10000 people killed since feb 2014.
2:More than 3 million people are forced to flee from their homes.
3:Due to lack of international aid cholera outbreak happened on large scale.
4:2/3 of the Yemenis don’t have access to drinking water.
5:Infrastructure destruction.

Moreover coronavirus outbreak has led to addition of difficulty in Yemenis life.Where is humanity actually heading to?Saudi Arabia
being the richest country of Arab world but it isn’t laying helping hand to Yemen.”It’s not money which makes you big and remembered
but it’s you work that makes you big and remembered.” And this won’t stop unless one of the groups doesn’t backoff until then
this destruction will be on bigger numbers.



YEMEN-Country OR Warfield?

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