Obstacles & Dreams

By Offkarishma | karishmaoff98 | 1 Jul 2020

Since the world has been hit by “pandemic” normal life is shutdown,i decided to utilise and wanted to share different aspects throughwriting but writing requires an experience in reading so i started with “THE ALCHEMIST” and what i read has hit me hard which i will summarise below;




Dreams are something that fills us with enthusiasm,which gives personal happiness but there are certain “obstacles” to it;

1:”This is impossible” since our childhood we are told this dream of ours is impossible and non-achievable,by the means of dejection
we try burry our dream deep inside us and a part of our heart can feel the void,which wants to pursue the dream.


2:Now listening to our heart we pursue the dream but the second obstacle being “love” acts as hindrance, in order to chase our dreams

we often feel that we may hurt our loved ones,but we forget that if they are our loved ones

they will be a part of our journey to chase

dreams,they would want us to grow.


3: “Fear” being the third obstacle,people often have a fear of failure of their dreams,people who fight for their dreams suffer alot
they must have patience.Evey defeat comes with a lesson and you bounce back with boosted confidence.


4:”Realization” usually when people achieve their dreams they often realise there are better or deserving candidates then them,they start
thinking “are they worth it?” during this whole process they forget their struggles.As Oscar Wilde said’Each man kills the things he loves’.
But if you believe yourself world you will definetly know why you are there where you wanted to be.

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