Selling EVERYTHING you own for BTC. Would you do it?

Selling EVERYTHING you own for BTC. Would you do it?

By karinxxl | karinxxl | 2 Dec 2020

Now, this is a topic that is maybe a bit late now but I was inspired for this question by a little post I saw dropping by from this Dutch family who sold everything they owned for BTC. They started travelling the world even since after the 2017 bullrun.

Now after hitting the news with their move back then literally every news feed wanted a talk with them, because selling you house, car and everything you own for bitcoin and taking the risk is something special. Or stupid...depends how it works out in the end.


By now they have a sold a book and have a good running Youtube channel which also most likely will provide them with some decent passive income here and there. The channel is with big letters in the thumbnails in the almost daily posts. I expect also a lot of these interviews will add a small coin to the bag. This isn't criticism at all, that is a well played game. But cashing out and 'living off of that'. I would say it is a bot broader than that. But that passive income discussion is a whole other ballgame and not for today.


Today the question is if you would be the one selling your property, selling your clothes, selling your old stuff all to buy bitcoin. Well, I don't know if you would do that today if that would be such a good idea for maxing profits, but maybe you were the person who has done this before already?


Are you willing to go all in?

Now if you would ask me, I would never be that person because I am not really a risk taker on that behalf. I would do a little bit, and not making these kinds of choices of maybe leaving a whole mayhem situation on my family if everything -god forbid- would deceide to go South.

But other people do, and those people might just be the ones now like this family sipping on martinis on the beach somewhere. People who are willing to take a risk, creating a life changing event. Maybe we are the ones who are the stupid ones having a day job on the side, which sucks up too much of out time to actually be a trader. (Trading is just really bad for the faint hearted, even if it is only a small amount)

So....would you be the one? And apart from this ATH from earlier in the week, how was it working out for your sanity during the bear market?


A Dutch girl who lived around the world is quarantined like the rest of the world. Crypto enthusiast, dog lover, writing about whatever comes to life


A Dutch girl who lived in a lot of places writing about life, Covid, travel and some crypto amonst the daily stuff

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