Let it snow in Cryptobrewmaster.io !

Let it snow in Cryptobrewmaster.io !

By karinxxl | karinxxl | 26 Dec 2020

All of a sudden the game turned into winter in Cryptobrewmaster.io. A small updated made snow drizzle all over and what not to like about this new and improved wintersetting. If that was all this would be the most to say abaout it, but the whole dynamics in Cryptobrewmaster.io changed over the last couple of weeks! Let me tell you more about it.


So at first, the options which were there were doing daily quests and getting ingredients with that. if you did enough daily quests from the neutral ingredients you would be able to brew a brew and sell this on the market for CBM token. With the CBM token and you manna you would be able to do different daily quests getting you better ingredients for your beer, which would make you produce better quality beer, which would also sell for more

Once having enough CBM tokens you would be able to quest for outstanding quality ingredients, making an outstanding quality beer, making more CBM and so on! Easy, not too complicated. But the gates of the options have opened. Check it out!




Renting equipment


So recently a whole new world has beer added were you are able to rent your equipment for a day or more. During this day you can produce as many ingredients as you want, only the quality of them decreases when you use it more.

The first production factory which was released was the water tower. You are able to rent a water tower for a day already for 1 CBM, which can make you a water every 30 minutes and will cost you 1 manna per batch. Not expensive.

But...(there is always a but..) the quality decreases fast, so you need to pump in some more CBM for the effenciency of you water tower to keep creating outstanding water. This will give you a crapload of water over 24 hours, which you will be needing for other stuff.




The academy, the malt house, grain fields.


After unlocking the water tower other worlds were also opened, which are named in the title. The difference with the water tower you ask? You need water to produce other ingredients with them. So renting one of these will cost you, and if you don't have any water..then it doesn't make any sense. It does work good but it will cost you.

You have the costs of the water tower rental, and then you have the costs of the (pick an example) academy as well. With this water you can produce yeast, and it will cost you 4 manna and will take you 240 minutes

So realise this when you start renting these things that you need enough CBM cash in the pocket to start doing this! But....it does change the whole game!




Because now you can decide yourself in Cryptobrewmaster if you want to just to a quest here and there of if you want to dedicate a day of you time collecting incredients more actively. And that choice is entirely up to you.

I can imagine if you are trying to get in one of these brewing contests (which are often there and make you win nice ingredients) then it can come in handy to have a crapload of ingredients lying around. Or when you dont have so much time you just stick to the quests, it is all up to you.

And did you run out of CBM? You can buy some off of the market in the hive-engine or you go back to collecting neutral ingredients to collect some CBM.

There is something for everybody. If you want a fast game, maybe this is not your go-to place, because it is more passive, but hey...why not give this Cryptobrewmaster a try dude.


A Dutch girl who lived around the world is quarantined like the rest of the world. Crypto enthusiast, dog lover, writing about whatever comes to life


A Dutch girl who lived in a lot of places writing about life, Covid, travel and some crypto amonst the daily stuff

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