I wonder how many funds I have lost in stupid ass wallets

I wonder how many funds I have lost in stupid ass wallets

By karinxxl | karinxxl | 1 May 2021

Let's face it. In terms of user friendlyness and good interfaces and a natural way of working not all crypto wallets are the perfect example of this. Better said, there are a lot of them which actually look like crap, and they even work crappier.

I remember my Verge wallet back in the days looked more like a MS-DOS screen than an actual wallet which was also really impossibel to work with, and so is the EOS chain and its wallets. And yes with EOS chain I mean literally every interface that works on it.

I wonder over the years how many funds get locked in these kinds of digital jungles especially on my behalf. I know one of them at least where this is happening.


The bull market was starting to get cracking a while back and I thought it would be a good idea to start unstaking all kinds of token which I had locked everywhere. For some of these it was easy.

'Unstake, wait three days, send, exchange, be happy'

Not the deal for all of these guys. In EOS this works different. Unstake- have no more CPU, be unable to do nothing, from every interface. Sigh


Remember back in the days when EOS felt good, the team was working the grind, they even had an idea of a social platform for everyone (not only elite) and there were airdrops for staking. Yeah I remember those days. EOS was rising in price and it felt good.


euro exchange.nl

Fast forward throught the history. Bear market came. EOS price dropped. None of the tokens ever built on EOS did anything useful. Interfaces are still not super friendly regardless if it is Scatter, newdex.io or EOSvoter. They all suck.

So over the time I was selling some of my EOS. Not because I wanted to really but because I didn't see a lot of faith in there anymore while other tokens are making a killing and I am still having this CPU and RAM locked in (nobody asked for that dude, for real).


I managed to unstake a lot of the EOS and sell it and I thought I would just unstake the remaining funds piece by piece everytime so I would not cook over my CPU. But it still happened. And to me it is unclear how much I need to make a transaction again.


Even though I hate ethereum as well for the speed at least there metamask will tell you how much funds you need for a transaction. In EOS this is just a lucky guess, and I aint guessing lucky.

What do you mean available EOS=0

So I guess the project of the day will be to balance out how much I have to stake in again to get the remaining out again. And that on a slow, user unfriendly not really unstandable and mucho elite Voice-KYC only on invite chain. I am glad when I get rid of it and maybe I will just accept my loss on this one and never think about it again.



Yes, you should never store your funds on an exchange, but when you decide for wallets...Look out for one that you actually know how to use, versus the mess I got myself into.

Good bye EOS. Talk-to-you-never

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