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Axie Infinity | Breeding NFTs on Ethereum....or not?

By karinxxl | karinxxl | 5 Jun 2021

I saw a couple of posts passing by on twitter on the blockchaining game called Axie Infinity. People are making months salaries with it on a daily basis, and since it is still in starting form and I like gaming which takes place on a daily base with small actions...why not to give it a try.

So what is Axie Infinity



This is what the website itself says about it:

Axie Infinity is a virtual world full of fierce, adorable pets called Axies. Axies can be battled, collected, and even used to earn cryptocurrencies with real value. Axie isn't just one game, it's an entire universe of games where you can play with your Axie NFTs. The utility and fun baked into your Axies increases over time as more experiences are built, both by the core Axie team and community game developers.

On the surface, Axie might seem similar to Pokemon, Tamogochi, or even animal crossing; the difference is that the markets for in-game resources are open and controlled by players. Games with real, player-owned economies will become our digital homes; places where a new generation can head to for opportunities. Axie is our monument to this mission.



So breeding axies and letting them interact everyday..what not to like? So I went for it and downloaded the application, connected my metamask, added a Ronin wallet, and sent some ETH to purchase some Axies to get started.

Yes, these seem like a lot of stept and especially for a beginner this can be a bit scary. For someone who has done this before in different NFT games and especially in Ethereum you know how annoying this process can be. Although installing the application and sending the funds was fast, it still costs you somewhere in between $6 and 7 for a transaction. Annoying but allright.

So getting ready for my purchase, I went to the marketplace and this is what I found.



Welcome to the world of the rich kids!

Holy crap, I missed this part on the ridiculousness on these prices. The cheapest Axie is $91 bucks. Like what the actual fawk. And the ones after that are $176 bucks. Now I get it how the economy and the breeding is so profitable for some.

The game is booming and the economy reflects on this. Supply and demand, and in this case not enough supply.



I don't know how it is by you guys, but I like checking out a game a bit more before actually investing in it. And especially if getting three Axies will costs you $440 for the cheapest ones there are around.

That is just wrong at the moment and not attractive for new players. But maybe the ones who are in already like it this way, I get it. If I had signed up last year and got my Axie at an ETH price when it was still $100 versus what it is now....

Apparently there is a scholarship programm. but that kind of commitment already? That seems a bit too much because you have to be a daily users, and I am not a daily anything. So unless some samaritan is willing to send some Axies to this Dutchy or have some Ronin for spare....

Yeahhh....maybe that would still be something. But for me now? I will leave this in the fridge until it is a bit more affordable again.

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A Dutch girl who lived around the world is quarantined like the rest of the world. Crypto enthusiast, dog lover, writing about whatever comes to life


A Dutch girl who lived in a lot of places writing about life, Covid, travel and some crypto amonst the daily stuff

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