By Marco K | Kappei81 | 16 Dec 2022

How to start building your own team?

First of all, before starting, we must know the rules of the game perfectly, in order to prepare the best team, and not have to make changes that could cost us more players.


the basic rules are few, simple, i.e. we must deploy the formation with: 1 goalkeeper 1 defender 1 midfielder 1 striker 1 extra an outfield player to our liking. Obviously to deploy it we will have to buy the relative sticker of the level in which we want to participate. I know that the basic level is yellow, and the cards cost less, but I recommend starting with a Rare team, i.e. red cards.


The are many many tournaments yuo can partecipate, but for the rookies, and more simple is the first one, "All star". Here is easy go to to price,


the only goal is to get to 205 points.

and you get 25$ on ETH, if point get over 250 the price it'll be  50$ on ETH.

Starting from these you can think about create a team. 

the min budget that you need is 1.500/2000 $



the goalkeeper will be the card that will bleed your bill, I believe that 50% of the budget will be spent only on the goalkeeper.

I recommend to buy then:

2 defenders (the def from the same team as the goalkeeper)

2 midfielders

2 forwards

this in order to have 2 cards to play in case some vs. player is disqualified or injured. If the second goalkeeper of the vs. team will certainly be a good investment in case of injury.





the reasoning is simple

if we assume that we only cash 50% of the time and 40 seasonal games we are talking about 20 times $25 is $500 basically 30% of our budget. I assure you that 50% is a low number considering that sometimes you can even get to 250 points.

If you like, you can find my referral, when you buy 5 limited cards, we'll receive an additional card free!



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