SORARE new collector era

By Marco K | Kappei81 | 14 Dec 2022


Sorare has now become the reference point of the sports field in the world of NFTs, starting from football, has managed to grab the exclusive with the major European leagues such as premiership, liga, bundesliga, ligue 1 and Italian series, has these added the respective series b, and numerous other leagues and teams from numerous nations. But that's not all, starting this year, MLB and the NBA, the most popular sports in America with American football, are also part of the platform.

Presentazione delle diverse rarità e divisioni su Sorare


There are 4 types of cards sorted by rarity the limited (yellow) 1000 the rare (red) 100 overcome them (Blue) 10 the only ones (black) 1. these quantities are for the world of football, for the nba the quantities change (red are 1000 and yellow 5000). These are the maximum amounts that could be created each year for any single player, but these numbers are usually not achievable. There is also a category that are the white (common) cards that cannot be exchanged but are used as free play, and are used for some strategies (which we will explore in future articles).

The interesting part that these stickers, in addition to being collectible, have a use, in fact if left on the platform they can be used to form teams and participate in tournaments where there are several prizes, both in ETH and in other cards.



about 1 year ago the unique Haaland figurine was bought at auction for €609,000.

during this bear market the value of cards has not fallen as much as cryptocurrencies, and this makes us think that the next bull market cycle they could also outperform the market.

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