Kucoin.. my favourite token's exchange

By Marco K | Kappei81 | 5 Mar 2021

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my favorite exchange is not binance, even if it is an excellent exchange perhaps the best from most points of view is kucoin, or rather the favorite token is KCS; in addition to giving a decent income, tokens can be used to make margin trading without losing the right to return the token.

with 278 coins and 585 pairs  you can find almost of coin you need, you also find spot, futures and margin trading, with POOL-X you can simply Staking your coin without difficulty, easy stake polkadot, cardano, tezos, atom, tron and many others.

you can also lend your token on a main account, taking profit earning additional token


The KCS token, have a simple  mechanis,  the 50% of the fees generated by the site are distributed to all holders of at least 6 kcs, every days, so you every day have a small portion of the KCS, i like to think I have a small part of the platform, also with the KCS you can save 20% of the fees of your trade


The APY changes as the volume varies a lot from day to day and depend of price of KCS, (on the last 7 days the APY was from 9% to 12%) 


below you can see the volume generated in the last 24 h and in the lower graph the constant increase over the last year




now maybe isn't a good time to buy, but if this volume continue to growth i'm confident we can see over the ATH of 3 years ago.

if you want to help me, or you simply need to subscribe at this exchange please use this link.


thanks to the next one

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