Which coin / token will gain more than 1000%

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 29 Jan 2024


Everyone hopes to know and even some parties are fighting for their coins/tokens to be able to gain more than 1000%. But to know and be able to is not as easy as it sounds, so in the end you can only hope that the choice is right this time.


That is the condition that is raging in every crypto player today. Which one will be the winner and provide benefits.

Talking about the top 10 coinmarketchart may jels definitely provide profit when bullrun time comes, but what is expected is the connotation that with small capital can provide large profits.


Maybe it's impossible, nothing is rack possible, that's the condition of the crypto currency world. And talking about windfalls, or lucky guesses can definitely happen because crypto value pluctuations are volatile. Once a profit can be a big profit, once a loss can be a big loss.

Veterans or beginners who distinguish when the word luck comes is just luck of luck. The language of inexperience is not the key to luck, because luck is obtained from the word profit not learning. While learning is the wisdom of failure and also the process of traveling. Smart not smart is no longer a matter of specificity, which is certain that the ripples run from the word luck of luck.

May you be lucky this time, and get the best of what you never expected.

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