Two famous Pseudonyms in the crypto world

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 14 Jun 2024

Privacy is the need of each individual human being as a living being who lives socially. In the crypto world, valuation is a high value in the crypto world that is highly protected. Of course, it cannot be separated from the existence of how crypto was created, and how crypto is intended, and what crypto is used for.

Nevertheless, privacy for some people is not a problem for the public to know their existence. And crypto is indeed born by many great people who don't mind their identity being known.

Until now, there have been many cryptos born with an unknown existence of who their true identity is. Representing individuals or groups, they choose pseudonyms as their choice. There are two pseudonyms that are very famous in the crypto world until crypto has grown so rapidly to date.


Two of them are "Satoshi Nakamoto" as the creator of Bitcoin the mother of crypto currency and the second is "Thankful_for_today" as the anonymous name of the creator of the Monero coin which is known for its private coin existence.

Both are anonymous so it is not known who he or they really are. So maintaining privacy and also so closely related to anonymous conditions in crypto development to date. We know many great people in the crypto world such as Vitalik, Charlie Lee, Markus, Ricardo Spagni, and Sunny King. And there are many other names with their projects that have been born until crypto has developed rapidly until now.

Like the great people above, our appreciation is to make a good contribution, of course, for future crypto development. And if you look back at the 2 pseudonyms, I wonder if valid information will appear someday about who they really are.

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