Price Prediction by AI, is it useful or not?

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 16 Jan 2024

Lately, since the emergence of various AI problems, we often see various kinds of articles that write about various coin/token prices based on AI predictions. Sometimes it is thought that AI can be said to be a fairly capable data collection so that if you think based on logic and the data you have, it can be very useful, but is it useful in terms of usability or not so a big question?


The question of the magnitude of the usefulness of the problem of accuracy of the data owned by AI or just a basic question to be used as a reference that can be said to play with the existence of data reports that can be believed as a reference. So if it is likened to playing with the existence of predictions from a robot rather than rational thinking about the existence of science and conditions where no one knows the future.


Many write predictions with links based on AI, but unfortunately if you think about it, it's the same as writing a prediction without thinking about the cause and effect for the reader in the end. It's freedom and it's up to each party, but unfortunately it's like throwing responsibility as a writer to the results of writing a prediction to a robot.


The worst thing about an AI prediction is that it is like a gambling game that is based on the data it has. It's unfortunate isn't it, even though the real use is more used as a reference material and thoughts about the problem of failure conditions.

But that is one-sided, it does seem so negative even though it is everyone's right, and if it is reviewed, isn't the error caused by the negligence of each party.

Yes, just an opinion without spice is indeed a dish, as well as a writing without interesting things to change, so the writing made at the end of the study is also not interesting. Positives and negatives are always interesting to debate.

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