Let's get out of the safe zone - Adoption Crypto Edition

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 12 Jun 2024

Crypto teaches humans to be able to get out of the safe zone, where instability, mental, emotional, social, and scientific knowledge blend into one. It cannot be said that only one aspect of crypto can be understood, because crypto recognition is so broad even if it only intersects with economic issues.


This is how the existence of crypto was born. Everyone who has entered the crypto world inevitably has to have an attitude of extraordinary mental strength. If you say that most crypto players are typical defenders. Not strong enough to survive, they will get out of this imaginative zone.

Instant is not the right thing in the crypto world, volatility is a common thing that is encountered every second. Talking about pump and dump means readiness of knowledge and information. Fear of lagging behind intake will be an emotional problem. Meanwhile, fraud is part of the existence of human nature characteristics that have been tainted.

Crypto is currently dominated by the millennial generation, but did you know that most of the main defender players are still the 90 generation that dominates. Indicating that generation Z is still far different from the condition of generation X, which in fact has better mental strength and behavior.

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