Can Altcoin survive if Bitcoin is abandoned?

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 19 May 2024

Talking about which is better will certainly result in determining one's attitude towards the existence of each side of the project, which is something that deserves to be said to be good. However, seeing the long, endless debates generated by the existence of which word is better and more correct, it also gives rise to various kinds of lengthy research questions. In the crypto ecosystem, Bitcoin was the initial creation of cryptocurrency that was formed or created, so that the barometer for the existence of Bitcoin is the main part of the existence of crypto which can succeed and survive to this day.


On the other hand, the language of democracy is part of the creation of crypto currency, with the main discussion being the nature of decentralization which interprets the meaning of freedom. But, can the democratic side be taken absolutely if this takes the issue of majority voting?

Basically, looking at the discussion regarding the issue of majority voting, sometimes it does not meet the actual criteria for the meaning of democracy. Because if you take the discussion point of democracy correctly, it must be based on the truth, so has the truth been properly taken into account in the system of using democratic methods?

Crypto currency has now given birth to many forms and types of crypto itself, although in essence all of them were born from the existence of Bitcoin in the crypto world which is now recognized as a crypto ecosystem. Bitcoin and Altcoin, an endless creation and war that was born from existence since Bitcoin was born. Each shows which is the best solution, and which cryptocurrency is said to be based on the Bitcoin consensus being born.


The real fundamental question has been answered but most developers and ego holders who are also just thirsty for wealth don't want to admit it.

Crypto was clearly created as a means of payment that is better than traditional means of payment. Unfortunately, if we look at it clearly and in depth, is crypto now really created and used as a reliable means of payment?

Talking about technology, cryptocurrencies present a big stepping stone in the sustainability of the method as a means of payment that can be legalized. But again, such a useful technology is being misused again, and the saddest thing is that this misuse is used by most who say they are part of crypto supporters who are always not supported by parties, especially banks.

It's so sad isn't it, Bitcoin as a pioneer is glorified but most of them are just looking for profit and cheating. This is not a polemic that is actually being debated, because the debate that should be debated is awareness of the awareness that if the main form of the mother of crypto is abandoned, will crypto still make the existence of other Altcoins not abandoned?

The conclusion that must be drawn is to return to basics, the development of crypto that should be fought for is the issue of strengthening the existence of crypto to be accepted globally. Both in terms of adoption, blockchain interoperability, security, comfort, convenience, regulations and infrastructure which continue to uphold the existence of democracy in a decentralized order.

The world is fed up with the game of lies and manipulation, whether crypto systemization will continue, which is still used as a tool to fight the death of centralization, but decentralization is slowly dying. The dogma of manipulative, volatile and destructive reality still resonates among the world of greed, thus destroying the essence of the birth of crypto currency.



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