Buy the rumor and Sell from the news

By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 29 May 2024


A narrative to take a safe step in the midst of a developing situation. The system is like marketing, but this is the basic step if someone enters the crypto ecosystem. And it is not an easy thing, of course, because a step like this means that one must understand the development and also the narrative of the conditions before and after what is learned and taken.

Buy the rumor and Sell from the news, it does look like a trap or invitation narrative. This means opening up an opportunity from the existence of rumors circulating to be used as a guide to the right time to buy and when the rumor's have exploded to enter the news share it is time to sell.


Many projects take marketing steps like this, by doing tricks to create dozens, hundreds and even thousands of rumor's to attract the attention of players' interest. Where conditions like this can be called like a branding Conditions. The goal is to establish the position of the existence of provisions so that the project or branding can occupy a safe position in the market. So that it can close the big / small possibilities that can bring down the project created.

Examples of things like this have actually been used by the media and politicians for a long time. And it turned out to be so effective that the Buy the rumor and sell from the news method became one level of the way that was often taken as a marketing method, and cryptopun turned out to use methods like this.

The conclusion of a method like this does aim for a potential benefit where when conditions are in correction and reach by being surrounded by hype on positive news. But keep in mind this is crypto where the value of corrections remains at the Market, Growth, and Volatility levels. Because the mistake of market miscalculation means that it can have an impact on negative news, while the existence of emotions affects the conditions of missing out and continued growth which makes a positive news but is afraid of losing even a mistake and volatile crypto conditions can be known for sure, because market prices are so fluctuating.


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