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By Kenzoo | Kanza Blog | 22 Apr 2024

Last update today Bitcoin after halving complete moved in the price range of $66 k, while many predictions for this year's Bitcoin halving event are in the range of $100 k to $150 k as the highest peak point or All time high. What becomes a lot of questions is when and whether it will materialize or maybe exceed the price of most predictions.

Between 100 and 150 is still a range, in May next month if predicted based on this month's performance then the average range of Bitcoin prices at $75 k at the highest price and $65 k at the lowest price. This means that Bitcoin's peak bottom in the range of months in 2024 will be at a level above $ 60 k. While the highest level will be in the range of $95 k this year.


This is only based on a quick rounding calculation of the normative calculation of the average value. This means that it is not a benchmark for calculations that can actually be realized. So if you observe the predicted value between 100 and 150, it is possible that in 2025 it will indeed be achievable, considering that the Bitcoin market for halving events always looks in a positive direction every year.

Based on caution against opposing conditions or negative sentiment, Bitcoin is only in the factor of high transaction costs, delays, and can no longer be said to be a currency. Which means that market sentiment is still not so moved by the rumored problems so that these factors will not affect the bullrun season this year.

While looking at the trajectory of the global economic conditions factor, the obstacles only revolve around the issue of war, unbalanced inflation. So that this factor also does not have a big impact this year.

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