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I draw from my lived experiences as well as from studying philosophy to provide sustainable answers to life's complexities.

You are not your ideas. Quit acting like you are.

21 Mar 2021 5 minute read 0 comments Kal_95

Not too long ago, early this year to be precise, I found myself getting worked up and enraged whenever my girlfriend and I engaged in discussions where we each held opposing views. And at times — because she’s a smart cookie, that one, and far f...

An Insight into the Ideas of One of the Most Misunderstood Philosophers.

19 Mar 2021 9 minute read 0 comments Kal_95

Friedrich Nietzsche, one of the most daring thinkers of all time, was a man born before his time. If there was someone for who his famous quote, “some men are born post humorously,” applied to, then it was Nietzsche himself. Centuries after his death...

An Existentialist approach to the problem of Nihilism.

19 Mar 2021 13 minute read 0 comments Kal_95

  Since the dawn of time, or at least since the earliest years of recorded human history, there have been differing opinions on what the fundamental motivation for life was. Scientists, philosophers, and religious clerics alike have all been concern...