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Hello again here. There is no rest because interesting promotions are continuously coming out. Today I want to talk to you about the Trading 212 offer.

Basically the Trading 212 promo consists of the following. For depositing a single euro they will give us a share valued from €8 to €100 (the price of the share it touches is random). Then we can sell that share and in 30 days we can withdraw all the money to our bank. To get the free action you have to sign up through an invitation and both the invitee and the person who invites both get a share of a random company.

First of all, let us know that the "Invite a friend" promotion ends on May 23, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Remember that this is not investment advice and you must take into account the risks that this type of activity entails. My intention is simply to inform about the promotion that Trading212 has. If you are not sure, do not invest. 😉


For example, I have deposited one euro and they have given me a National Grid share valued at €9.67. As I have told you before, the action is usually from a random company, you can get any one. This action can be sold (if you want) and then to withdraw the money obtained from the sale you have to wait 30 days. It is the condition of the Trading 212 promotion that people do not create an account and withdraw money immediately.

This offer is valid for Spain, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands. To earn a free action you must follow the following steps:

Download the Trading 212 app through this invitation:
Click open account and fill in the details.
There are two types of account (CFD and Invest). By default, the two selected options appear, but we will only need the Invest account (the one in orange).
They will ask us some questions about our savings, we write the email and a password and we create the account.
We verify the account and make a first deposit.
If for some reason we have chosen both types of account, we enter the app and select Trading 212 INVEST and deposit €1 * using a credit/debit card (for example, I have used the Verse card and without problems).

This is how your account will appear after entering the euro. * Important: For Spain, the minimum to enter is now €10 instead of €1.

Once the deposit is made, we must wait for the action to arrive in our account. In my case it took a couple of hours but I have read that in some cases it usually takes up to 24-48 hours. The app itself will notify you when the action is given to you.


In my case, the action that has touched me has been from National Grid. It is an electricity and gas company born in the United Kingdom. And how much does a share of this company cost? It's not exactly one of the most expensive. Each National Grid share currently costs €9.67 (the price varies depending on the fluctuation).

The prize can be up to €100. In my case it has been almost €10. Something that is not bad for having entered only one euro. Let's hope you have more luck than me. 😎

To get more free actions you can invite your friends. For each friend you invite, they will give you another free action (and your friend too). At most you can get 3 free shares for inviting friends. To know the referral link you have to enter the section Get free shares! within your Trading 212 account.

any questions you can ask me on telegram: @jesusfer90

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