LunarCrush - How much to HODL to maximize earnings

LunarCrush is a social platform where you can learn and share your opinions about different coins and tokens, the state of cryptocurrency in general, the exchange platforms, and more. By doing so, all these aggregates of data are combined into different "scores" that people can view. In effect, it gives you a glimpse of what the world is thinking about this world of cryptocurrencies. Please see my previous post LunarCrush - How much can you make? Part 1 of 2 - One-week study.

You earn tokens from this website by earning points (via spending time and sharing your opinions). These points are then multiplied by "multipliers," which are

  • Referral (1.1x for 1 referral, 1.2x for 5, 1.4x for 11, 1.8x for 21 and 2x for 31)
  • Average time on site (up to 2x if you spend on average 60min per day)
  • Lunr HODL (Can go up to 2x if you hold 10k, but to max out your level, you need 100LUNR, which would give you 1.2x)

In this post, I want to specifically discuss the Lunr Hodl multiplier aspect and see the best "bang for the buck." 

Quick Refresher

There are eight levels that you can get to:

  • 1x > 0
  • 1.1x > 100
  • 1.2x > 200
  • 1.3x > 300
  • 1.4x > 500
  • 1.6x > 1K
  • 1.8x > 5K
  • 2x > 10K

Of course, the price of Lunr is variable, but for this post, I am assuming $0.75. Your Lunr earnings will also decrease as time goes by. When writing this, as a Level 1 (with no multiplier), you can make ~0.3 Lunr/day, and as a Level 3 (with no multiples), you can make ~0.45.

We should also consider our baseline of points before the multiplier. Amazingly enough, your baseline point earnings do depend on your "level," which itself is based on how much money you are Hodling:

  • Level 1 (0 Lunr): 95pts
  • Level 2 (35 Lunr): 125pts
  • Level 3 (100 Lunr): 155pts

For us, only Level 1 and Level 3 are appropriate. 

Now that we have our baseline let's continue.

Earnings and ROI

Without further ado, here is a Google Sheets showing your expected earnings per day based on how much you invest:


If you want to play with this sheet, here is a link: You can clone it and customize it to your needs.

The "Other Multipliers" are the Referral and Avg Time on Website multipliers. We will play with this value as well to see the effect. However, as a baseline, it will cost you $75 to buy 100 Lunr and 151 days to earn it back, and a whopping $7,500 to buy 10k and 23 years to earn it back! I think 100 Lunr is more than enough investment. If the application brings higher levels that give you extra perks, I will invest more.

Okay, realistically, though, if you have invested money into this, you will try to get a few extra multipliers. For example, I do not think it is unexpected to assume you will spend an average of 60min on this website, giving you a multiplier of 2x:


Your ROI on 100 Lunr has now dropped to 76 days! What about if you invite ONE person? 


And finally, what if you max out your multipliers?



I think it is worth investing 100 Lunr, given it takes less than three months to get it back. The perks of a Level 3 are also pretty impressive. Any more than that, though, I wouldn't invest.

Don't forget to play with this sheet here and if you don't already have an account, consider using my referral link to sign up:



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