LunarCrush - How much can you make? Part 1 of 2 - One week study

Welcome to a 2 part series on LunarCrush Social Intelligence on Crypto.

For those who haven't heard of LunarCrush, it's a social platform where you can learn and share your opinions about different coins and tokens, the state of cryptocurrency in general, the exchange platforms, and more. By doing so, all these aggregates of data are combined into different "scores" that people can view. In effect, it gives you a glimpse of what the world is thinking about this world of cryptocurrencies. For more details, read the excellent post LunarCrush - Social Intelligence For Crypto by Sapphire on publish0x.

This post is about what I've done, how much I have made so far, and what I will do next. All of this is after one week of usage.

TLDR, I'm expecting to make $0.94/day ($28/month), if using every day. Realistically, I wouldn't visit the site every single day of the month, so I estimate earnings of $21/month. This includes an initial investment of $85 of my own money.

Quick Summary of Key Points

You can receive points on the following activities:

  • Daily login (5 points)
  • Sharing opinions as a Level 1 (30 points)
  • Time on site (60 points) 

That's a total of 95 points. In addition to this, you can get "multipliers," which are:

  • Referral (1.1x for 1 referral, 1.2x for 5, 1.4x for 11, 1.8x for 21 and 2x for 31)
  • Average time on site (up to 2x if you spend on average 60min per day)
  • Lunr HODL (Can go up to 2x if you hold 10k, but to max out your level, you need 100LUNR, which would give you 1.2x)

Assumptions and Simplifications

How much you make depends on three things:

  • First, how much time are you spending on this platform? 
  • How much up (or down) will the price of LUNR will go?
  • Finally, are you willing to invest some of your own money to upgrade your level?

I have a full-time job as a software developer, so I do not want to waste my time on penny-hunting schemes. However, I do spend some time reading about the world of crypto, and some of that work revolves around Googling "Is XYZ token a scam" or something to that effect. I have found that LunarCrush has made me not do this anymore. In development, it has given me time back!

So my assumptions/conditions are:

  • I will only use LunarCrush to check the popular tweets. I will check the sentiment of my top coins
  • I will assume a price of $0.85
  • I have not bought any LUNR to upgrade my level (come back for Part 2 for that)

With that out of the way are my earnings.

So, how much can I make?

I have been spending brought 60min per day on this website. After a few days, that enabled my multiplier to increase to 1.2x. I used the service without forcing myself to use it more than I would want to. In one week, I managed to get 672 points or 2.1223 LUNR ($1.80). 

Obviously, my second week will be better than this because I now have a multiplier. But this should give you a rough estimate. Read the next section for my prediction of what things will look like moving forward.

What are my predictions for the next month?

I have been spending an average of 60min per day on the website. After 30 days, I will for sure get to the 2x multiplier on average time on site. I will also invest 100LUNR to get to level 3, which would give me a 1.1x multiplier. Let's also say I get one referral from this post for a 1.1x multiplier effect (wink wink, sign up here LunarCrush!).

So in 1 month, I am excepting to have a multiplier of 2.42x (2x from time-on-site, 1.1x from LUNR investment, 1.1x from referral). Also, at level 3, your opinions are worth 3 points each; you can then be making 155 points (before multiplier). I expect to receive 375pts/day or 1.11LUNR/day or $0.94/day or $28.32/month. Getting my initial investment of 100LUNR ($85) back will take me ~90 days. 

There is also a weekly bonus that you can get. I will provide a more accurate measure of my earnings in three weeks.

Realistically speaking, I will not be able to achieve full amounts per day, especially during the weekends. So I will deduct 25% from my monthly earnings.

In summary, I'm expecting to make $0.94/day ($28/month), if using every day, or more realistically, $21/month. This includes an initial investment of $85 of my own money.

What if I max out everything?

Hypothetically, how much can you make per day to max out everything? Well, you'll have to buy 10k LUNR ($8500) and then get 31 referrals. But if you did, then your multiplier would be 8x. You'd then make 1240pts/day or 3.67LUNR/day or $3.12/day or $93.62/month. It will take 90 months to get your initial investment back. 

It is my advice not to invest that money.

So, will I continue to use LunarCrush?

Yes, I do believe I will continue to use LunarCrush. It does bring valuable insight into the world of cryptocurrencies. Specifically, it tells me the market sentiment towards tokens/coins/exchange platforms.

I'm also going to invest and buy 100 LUNR points (once the market stabilizes a bit). This is not to get an increased multiplier, but I want to get the perks of Level 3.

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