Kwon Mina with Charmander

Kwon Mina B-Day Present?

By pssyEatnPreacher | K-pop | 22 Aug 2020

     Kwon Mina may be off of social media for the time being, but that doesnt mean we cant make make her something for her birthday (on September 21st) and to show our support ^_^ who knows maybe we'll come together closer as fans ~

The big idea is make one, or a few, and post it on social media under a hashtag or tagging her in them, if she rerurns before said date.

      You ready??


                                                   You can't really tell what it is from that but its a small paper statue of Mina!




     It has a lot of small folds but if I can do it I'm sure many of you can too! I used regular print paper my first try and it was alright, I do recommend thicker paper to make your statue more durable and easier to handle. 

     Wether you're a fan or not I think its still a fun way to pass the time, especially if you have little ones that are restless being at home. It'll take their mind off it, hopefully ^_^ 

    The Link is down below ⬇ (One Drive, requires unzip)!Arflw7TH8nc1mm6aAX44DA_C8s8X

     Let me know in the comments below how it goes for you, if you decide to participate and what not ~

[Credit to who created this PDF, no contact as it was found over 5 years ago. I believe their name is on page 1]


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