Choa's Back!

By pssyEatnPreacher | K-pop | 25 Aug 2020

 Yo. Yo. Yo. Yo! Have yall heard the news? Choa is making a comeback to the entertainment (music) industry! She was featured for an OST on a prominent Korean Drama called 'To All The Guys Who Loved Me' personally I have not seen it, but knowing she lent her amazing voice to them for this drama, it only stands that it's going to be good! 


         Choa Like A Cat Era ~ 

  After all these years away from the limelight shes finally ready to return, I wonder what has changed and who she is now, what she went through and what she experienced. 

  So many question but no way to get them answered >_< ~wack


  In a softer fashion than her past hit cover "Geureonga Boayo", "Nan Yeogi Isseoyo" Choa hits her notes, as if she lived through the drama herself.

  She seems to have taken her time away as an opportunity to find herself and her voice, and I know im not the only one hoping this time she stays for sure and rises to the top; as her talent and beauty dictate ! 

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